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How to Date a Vegan
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How to Date a Vegan

Being a vegan has become a lifestyle for many people of late. Some do it because of their belief in never eating animals, while others do it because they want to stay healthy and possibly lose weight. Still, others just do it to find out how it feels to be a vegan. But whichever the case, when it comes to dating a vegan, the dating game changes Here are four tips that can help the non-veggie navigate vegan dates.

1.) Know the boundaries.

Everyone normally has their own personal boundaries on what they do and don't do. And vegans are no different. Though these veggies don’t eat animal products, it is always advisable for someone who is dating a vegan to talk honestly to their partner about what they are comfortable with. For instance, if a vegan can’t stand particular types of restaurants, or having meat around them in general, then the best thing to do is to avoid those situations as a rule. Obviously, if this is the case, you'll have to decide for yourself if you can handle those preferences.

2.) Agree to Curb Your Judgement. Both of you.

One should never try to throw it in a vegan’s face that what they are doing is not right, inconsequential, or that they are somehow missing out. As an omnivore dating a vegan, there will be need for a lot of compromise, surrounding food, philosophy, and potentially even politics.

3.) Keep an Open Mind:

It's clutch to be open-minded, obviously. Maybe the non-vegan partner feels that being vegan has no value, and that vegans are just boring or stringent people who are missing the boat. The best thing to do in such a case would be to begin or re-start relationship with an open mind. Try to see the person you are dating in terms of who they are, rather than what labels they seem to carry. This will make it much easier to talk and connect with them, and potentially understand their choices. Discard what stereotypes you've heard about vegans, and listen to the person you're breaking bread with. This is a much better route to take than just throwing meat in their face, right? 

4.) Try New Foods:

While being open-minded about your vegan partner, it is important to also be open-mouthed. Meaning, one should be ready to try out new things, like new vegan meals and ethnic cuisine. Instead of twisting up your nose when offered a new vegan item how about saying "Thank you," with a big smile, and actually sampling it. Who knows? A whole new world of culinary awesomeness could be opening itself up to you. Be open to the adventure.

Research. Be open. Learn. Talk. Ditch your assumptions. They won't help you here. Ask questions first, and you may just find yourself making a seemingly unlikely love connection. One thing's for sure about your potential new vegan mate-- there's really no need to be afraid here. After all, they don't bite.


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  1. Support
    Such fun subject matter. Thanks for contributing it, Abe!
    Vote #9 Abe! Some good dating tips!
  3. Anita Vegana
    Yeah, we don't bite.... hard! Ha ha! So true. I'm dating a non-vegan, but he is almost always really cool about what I eat. I can tell that at times he wishes I would go back to eating like an omnivore, but each time I make it clear that it won't happen. I voted for you!
  4. Zack
    Very true, love the tips, you have my vote! I'm also a big fan of inviting the girl to cook with me- it's fun and makes her more comfortable with vegan food. I actually posted a super simple dessert recipe that would be great for a date
  5. withsharpclaws
    I enjoy challenging the omnivores to make something tasty but keep it very plant focused, and they usually discover that it's much harder to season and pair vegetables than it is with meat. It opens up the palate and discussions.


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