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A Wild Wintery Feast - Chestnut and Mushroom Medley
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A Wild Wintery Feast - Chestnut and Mushroom Medley

Prep Time: 10 mins

Cook Time: 20 mins

You could essentially eat for free in autumn - wild mushrooms, wild chestnuts, wild rice (would probably be harder to acquire). But all in all - making something luxurious need not break the bank.

You will need:

  • Fresh/preserved mushrooms
  • Carrots
  • half an onion
  • herbs: sea salt, mixed dried herbs, turmeric
  • wild rice
  • chestnuts
  • vegan margarine
  • a pinch of flour of your choice


Cover the carrots in a little extra virgin olive oil, or organic virgin coconut butter, add some sea salt and caraway seeds, roast for about 15-20 mins, at 200C. You can roast the chestnuts together as well (with the shells on). Takes about the same time.

Chop the onions finely, add a little organic, virgin coconut oil to the pan and then add the onions. Fry until brown, stirring constantly. Then add either preserved forest mushrooms, or fresh mushrooms (if using fresh mushrooms, make sure to boil them first, or is using dried mushroom - soak them) and stir the mixture for a while, adding a pinch of sea salt, turmeric, and caraway seeds.

Make the sauce in another pan: on very low heat melt some vegan margarine (you could also use organic virgin coconut butter), add some water, then add some flour while stirring constantly. Stir until smooth. Add more flour or margarine, depending on how thick you would like the sauce to be. Add some herbs if you like.

Add the sauce to the pan of mushrooms. Mix together. 

Cook the wild rice, then add the rice into the mushrooms, peel the chestnuts and chop them in 4. Add to the mixture. 

Finally, serve with carrots on the side.


Wintery and wholesome. Enjoy! :)

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