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A Very Vegan Day Out
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A Very Vegan Day Out

We have recently had a Bank Holiday Weekend in Britain, which means a long weekend, as everyone gets the Monday off work (it is not just the banks that close down for the day). It was a lovely warm sunny few days (makes a change here – quite often our BH weekends perversely have torrential rain as one of their main features!), so I think everyone made the most of the wonderful weather. I spent the Monday with one of my best friends Lesley and her family, who are all very committed vegans (Lesley and her husband have 3 children, all of whom have been raised vegan from birth, which really impresses me).

We wanted to go out and do something for the day, something outdoors, since the weather was so nice. So I went with Lesley and her two daughters, Aurora, 17, and Lucy, 11, to their local open-air swimming pool near where they live in Hampton, Greater London. It’s a lovely pool, a good size, with a children’s pool too, and a green grassy area with trees bordering it, where people could sunbathe, have picnics, etc. So we had a delightful refreshing swim there under the sun. Then we went on to Hampton Court Palace, the famous historic royal residence that at one time belonged to Henry VIII. There was an open-air food festival in the grounds, which looked interesting, and we were half-thinking of visiting it. But when we got to the gate, not only did we find that the entry price was £12 each, which seemed extortionate, but looking at the programme, it seemed to be very non-vegan-friendly – no vegan food at all there, all meat and beer tents, etc.! So we decided not to bother. Lesley said she was surprised she hadn’t heard it was on in her area, and I said that for next year maybe she should consider having her own vegan food stall there, definitely something that had been overlooked! We need to get the word out there, and infiltrate as many of these “traditional” food places as possible. So we didn’t bother looking round, but it did give us food for thought (pun intended!)

We had planned to go round the famous Hampton Court Maze, which I had never been to before, but first of all we needed to stop for refuelling! (Of ourselves, not the car). We went into the café there in the Palace grounds - a nice café, but, as usually happens, no proper food  there for vegans, apart from crisps, chips, etc. (they did at least serve soya milk for tea and coffee though). However, I spotted that they were also serving food at a table outside in the café garden, in the barbeque area. When we investigated, we found things we could eat: a delicious salad of couscous and vegetables, and some equally delicious vegetable kebabs, done over the BBQ, yum! So luckily we did manage to get a decent vegan meal.After that we went round the Maze, and had fun finding our way into the centre of it and out again (see picture), it wasn’t that hard!

To round the day off nicely, we then went back to Lesley’s place and watched Les Misérables on DVD, which was magnifique! (and Anne Hathaway, one of the stars of that film, is a vegan, so that makes me like the film even more!) It was altogether one of the most enjoyable and happiest days I have spent in a long time. I felt that one of the reasons for that was spending the time with close friends, who completely share my values, so much so that they feel like family to me (which is why I have put this in the Vegan Family category!)

I hope you enjoyed this blog, and appreciate all your votes and comments.

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  1. Akanksha
    See its not always bad(sad) to be a vegan in this world after all!
    1. Veganara
      No, definitely not Akanksha, thanks for voting and commenting! I thought I would write a positive blog to balance out the negativity of my previous one where I was ranting!
  2. Jessica Sierra
    This is wonderful and you should have more fun often being vegan is good and not bad and not everyone looks down on a person because they choose to eat differently than others
  3. Julie Sinclair
    Julie Sinclair
    Dear this is very positive so much more than your last entry here. I did enjoy reading this entry and hope that this gives you more of a positive outlook on being vegan. I have never seen my choice of what I eat stopping me in my life and causing so much harm. I just go on my merry way of life and enjoy it to the fullest. I do not worry what others think of me or how they look at me for what I eat. I am who I am and you can love me for me or you just don't. I am sorry but after all these years people should understand that the world is not made up of one type of person. It is made up of many and we all live here together and share the world as a whole. I am happy to be vegan and at times I do speak of this with others. But all in all my family loves the idea and they love the wonderful. Foods I cook on the weekends when we have our family dinner together. Most of the week I do a lot of the cooking for my family and they are so happy when I cook. I now have the grandchildren asking for some of the vegan dishes they adore. This is very positive and if you do not force your way of life on anyone then you will find out that people will come around and enjoy your cooking. A lot of the time I just don't say what the dish is and how it is made from no meat or animal products at all. Everyone seems to love the fact they are eating healthy and enjoys their meal. OK this is enough and I am happy to read this. Julie
    1. Veganara
      Thanks Julie. You are lucky you have never experienced any harassment through being vegan, that is actually quite unusual! I think most vegans do experience that, as you will see from some of the comments on my previous blog. What upsets me the most is that I don't try to force my way of life on anyone - I don't usually even mention to people I am vegan, unless I have to, because I don't want to be constantly talking about it and arguing about it! As I said in my previous blog, I don't make an issue out of it at all - it is always other people who do that, like my mother and her friends, in the example I gave! So what can you do when other people are determined to harass you about it? That's what gets me down, and that's why I was letting off steam in my previous blog! Never mind, I am a fairly positve person on the whole. It is just sometimes you have to vent your frustrations, you know?
  4. Vin Chauhun
    Vin Chauhun
    As a non-meater, I have yet to try to convert anyone to veganism. many people ask me what it is like to be veggie and i tell them as politely as can: Try being being one , and then tell me how U feel LOL...I made up a new word meat+ eater=meater great post, vote !!!


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