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A Vegan Smile
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A Vegan Smile

People use animal products in toothpaste.  Even if they dont, they still might test their toothpaste out on them.  The other day I picked up a new tube of toothpaste!  I know that sounds a bit random and unrelated to veganism, or is it?  The toothpaste I purchased was not only natural, but also excluded animals from the testing or even composition of the toothpaste.  

Personally, I feel that the first step to good eating, and good health, starts with the mouth.  A clean mouth lets you eat your food much more effectively letting your body take all of it in.  And of course a bright, confident, and attractive smile can open many doors in life.

That's why you should care about something as small as toothpaste!  Besides the involvement of animals, they definitely include elements like flourine, which makes toothpaste unsafe to swallow.  Why would anyone scrub their mouths with something twice a day that is dangerous to eat?  Clearly, if you should not ingest it, it should not be going into your mouth.  After using my new toothpaste for a few days even, my mouth feels fresher and my teeth even look whiter!  Definitely a great way to start the day of right.  How do you feel about this? Click its hot if you enjoyed it and comment to tell me what you think.


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  1. Claire
    Hello, I definately agree! After I first went vegan changing my toothpaste was something that I did not to long aftewards. Learning that almost everything we use in terms of personal hygiene products etc was tested on animals just seems so barbaric. And surprisingly I actually found that I liked the feel of the natural toothpaste better too! I'm not sure which contry you are from and whether different countries have the same brands of vegan toothpaste? But I am from Australia and I would highly reccomend the brand Red Seal Natural toothpaste to anyone - it is availible in most Coles and Priceline stores. Thanks & nice article :)


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