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A Vegan Retail Boutique That is Dominating the Streets
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A Vegan Retail Boutique That is Dominating the Streets

While veganism has certainly been ruffling the feathers of meat-eaters across the globe, an increasing acceptance of this way of life is developing among people. In fact, large sections of societies across the world are opening up to the many benefits that come with being vegan. But, the real talk of the town in the streets of Queen St. W. in Toronto is whether or not a vegan retail boutique has now come to dominate the streets.

Going Behind the Scenes

While new eateries have been popping up at every street corner, Bloor St. W. has been making headlines for flooding the area with meat-free food options that are increasingly being sought out. Vincent de Paul, the man behind the vegan restaurant chain Doomie’s is aiming to expand the vegan culture by opening a new vegan retail store that will be located on Queen St. W. called The Imperative.

Vincent de Paul says that the seeds of this enterprise were laid down about 11 years ago when a website called was put up for sale. Along with his brother-in-law, Vincent began hosting events and always got a good turnout.  About 7 years prior to this, Vincent became a vegan and it was only when he bought the site Ecorazzi, that his business started to resonate with his personal beliefs as he began promoting veganism on this platform.

The Beginning of The Imperative

When Vincent organised the first Vegan Food and Drink festival in Toronto in 2015, he came in contact with the owner of Doomie’s Home Cookin’, renowned for its vegan Big Macs. They partnered up and Doomie’s arrived on Queen St. W. in April.

The Imperative was then started right across the street and has now come to be known for its overdose of vegan items and its tongue-in-cheek slogans. Having a beautifully done mural by a well-known painter, Jacqueline Poirier, which shows all that Vegandale can turn into, it is clear that Vincent de Paul has a lot of dreams that he is working to achieve.

Displaying emporiums and vegan food chains across the area, although this is just a painting, this mural certainly speaks a thousand words about what the future may hold for this enterprise. It goes without saying that this retail vegan boutique that has arrived on the scene is now the major talk of the town, given all the things that one can find there.

What Can One Find at The Imperative?

This retail boutique has got hoards of customers already in line to check out just what products they have to offer. With goods that contain no animal products at all, customers are eager to see just what kind of a spread they have to offer.

The place is filled with faux leather jackets and bags along with shoes, clothes, and more, all of which are ‘vegan’ in every sense of the word. The clothing and footwear that you find here are all devoid of the dyes made from animal products.

Art pieces made up of synthetic wool, body care products, creams, lotions, and shampoos are all out on display across a wall that is commonly known as the Great Wall of Vegan. All in all, this vegan retail boutique is currently dominating the scene with its wide spread of chic fashion and household items, all of which are animal-free.

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