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A Vegan Diet Would Save the Planet
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A Vegan Diet Would Save the Planet

MPs in the UK recently made a startlingly pro-vegan statement; eat less meat or face food shortages.

The radical announcement was made in the DFID Report on Global Food Security which was launched in London by Sir Malcolm Bruce who chairs the International Development Committee. The Vegan Society, UK, is thrilled and delighted that the written evidence it presented to the committee has been acknowledged and integrated into the report’s findings together with contributions from eminent expert witnesses like Professor Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at City University.

Sir Malcolm Bruce issued a stark warning to the UK public; consumers in the UK are never more than a few days away from a significant shortage of food and this is why it’s so important that they are encouraged to dramatically reduce their consumption of meat. He also pointed out that feeding cereal and grain to farmed livestock presents a significant threat to global sustainability.

The Vegan Society observed in its recommendations that humans contribute to food waste by consuming excess calories. It is important that there is focus on expanding the current production of plant-based foodstuffs which will reduce losses in the food supply chain. The public must be influenced positively to change their eating habits to include more nutritious, plant-based food in their diets. This in turn will not only relieve the pressure on the food supply chain but will also offers huge potential for climate change reduction and environmental benefit.

In his evidence, Professor Lang raised the issue that at present, 50% of all grain produced in the world is used to feed animals which then enter the food chain as meat, contributing to climate change, harmful emissions and damaging ecosystems en route. Humans could enjoy a balanced, nutritious and healthy vegan or vegetarian diet which does not include meat or fish whilst relieving the environmental impact of farming livestock for the table.

Furthermore, those people in vulnerable situations should be educated in the production of food through plant-based agriculture, nutrition and food preparation in order to secure their own food supply. The global food system and its incumbent issues can be fixed, and it’s without doubt veganism is the way forward.

Anyone who is still wavering or unsure about making the change to a vegan diet and lifestyle can find more information here;


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  1. Veganara
    Great blog, voted. I am British, and I hadn't actually heard this announcement, so thanks for alerting me to this! Yes, a vegan diet may well save the world - I just wish so many people wouldn't insist on digging their heels in so much :-( . But maybe we are making some progress! You may well be interested in my latest blog here, about the vegan diet and health: Please check it out if you get a chance.
    1. Spencer
      Many thanks! It all makes perfect sense and seems to be a win-win in so many ways. Off to check out your blog now ...


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