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A Possible Substitute for Peanut Butter
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A Possible Substitute for Peanut Butter

Last week, the readers of the blogs on this web site were provided with a recipe to use, when making homemade peanut butter. Those who have tired of the store-bought product, but are not inspired to make their own might want to think about trying some sunflower seed butter. It serves as a great substitute for PB.

Shoppers can buy a container that contains just the sunflower seed product, or they can buy a spread that features a mixture that contains both flaxseeds and the oils from a collection of sunflowers. Whether in a mixture or on its own, the spread made from the seedy part of a large yellow and brown flower supplies the body with a number of great nutrients. Those who take in such nutrients enjoy quite a few health benefits.

Their cholesterol level is reduced, as is their blood pressure. Their blood does not exhibit the alarming symptoms of someone with arteriosclerosis. The homocysteine content in their bloodstream comes under control. The free radicals in their body come under attack. Their energy level increases, while their bodies fall into a lasting sleep each night.

Those who like to bake can make great gluten-free treats by using this different type of butter. Naturally, that same product can be spread on a piece of sandwich bread. That sandwich could well be one that contains some jelly or jam, along with its unique spreadable ingredient.

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