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A Meatless Monday With The Family
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A Meatless Monday With The Family

I believe that the Meatless Mondays idea is an international campaign which started in the USA. Here in the UK we have Meat-Free Mondays, which is spearheaded by Paul McCartney and his family. I was reminded of this campaign yesterday (Monday) when I was round at my mother’s house for dinner. There were just three of us, my mother,my stepfather,and me and, unbelievably, they ate the same vegan meal as I did! That seems like cause for celebration to me, as it must be a first. Usually when I go to family meals I just have to eat what they are having, but without the meat, if that is possible, (e.g. if it is a roast dinner). I can’t ever remember an occasion before where we all had a vegan meal together! It was very tasty too: it was a spicy vegetable casserole made by my Mum with nut-burgers (I think they were Linda McCartney ones).

However I think it was probably more coincidence than anything else, that my Mum had cooked a completely vegan meal (because I was visiting), and it happened to be Meat-free Monday. I made sure I did point that out to her though, naturally! My stepfather enjoyed the meal, as he always says he doesn't like meat much anyway. When in the past I have suggested to him that he could easily go vegetarian in that case, he says he couldn’t possibly because he is very "active" and needs the “physical strength “meat gives him *sigh*. This is one of the major problems we have with converting people, I am sure you will agree – they believe that they can't possibly be fit and healthy without meat. When we had finished my Mum commented that the meal was “not bad, as veggie food goes”! The implication being that it is all boring, tasteless rabbit food. (I kind of wish it was, as I might lose weight then! I love my food and often eat more than I should).

We got talking about health and the benefits of eating a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, etc. and I pointed out to my Mum that it has recently been on the TV news here in Britain that processed meats have been scientifically proven to cause cancer (all forms of meat do, actually, but the processed ones,burgers,etc.,are the worst). My Mum's response to that was: “Everything causes cancer!” Erm no, not everything - no one has yet proven that a diet of fruit, vegetables and grains causes cancer! In fact fruit and veg are some of the nutrients that help to prevent it, as they are rich in anti-oxidants ( I am touching on my last blog here Can A Vegan Diet Cure Cancer? It is my Mum's own sister, my aunt who I mentioned in my last blog, who is suffering from cancer, by the way.) Believe it or not, my Mum is actually the most veggie-friendly member of my family! The rest of them are less open-minded than her. I can't imagine any of them ever going vegan or vegetarian, but never mind. I'm the odd one out, but I won't compromise my principles for family get-togethers.

This determination not to give up meat is positively bloody-minded with a lot of people, and I don't think my relaitves are any exception. This is particularly relevant in the case of my mother and stepfather who are pensioners, and often complain about the cost of living, and struggle to get by financially. They would save a lot of money , besides improving their health (not to mention saving animals) if they gave up meat, as I gather that meat prices have risen astronomically over the last few years (good!!!) So there is more than one reason why it would benefit them to give it up. Ah well, if people won't see it, you can't make them, can you?

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Your votes and comments are always appreciated.

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  1. No Name
    I have tried for years to get my Mom to change her diet for all of her health issues. She has turned herself into a diabetic how bad she eats. She is always complaining about this one. How bad she feels all the time. When i am around I cook so many veggies that she picks them out of her food. She refuses to eat anything much in the line of fresh fruits or veggies. I can not see how she is going to make it much longer the way she keeps going. She claims she eats well but I do not see this one at all. The other day she told me she at hot dogs wrapped in baccon and cheese for her lunch. I almost came unglued over this one. I could never see myself eating this one. But one thing she did try my recipe for Tofu and snake beans but she did not use tofu she used chicken in this one. Well what can I say she will never change and hope that her health does not get much worse on this one. Thanks for this very intereting and I think I will tell her about meatless Mondays and see if one day a week she will try and eat more veggies and fruits for herself. voted #2
    1. Veganara
      Thanks Naya. Yes, it is a shame you can't get your Mom to go vegan, that should cure her diabetes! But some people just won't eat many fruit or veggies, will they? My former partner was the same. Hot dogs wrapped in bacon and cheese??? Ewww, probably about the most unhealthy thing you can eat!! Maybe you should point out to your Mom what goes into making hotdogs (pig rectums, etc!!!) , that might help to put her off them!
      1. No Name
        I have seen the site you were speaking of with SnakeWitch and might move there to blog from now on. Bubblews looks like a nice place to be and very interesting. There is a lot of people on this site. I have created an account for me there. Please tell me what your account is so that I can support you on this site. I am being targeted here on this site for my location and people who came here to vote for me. I have tried to understand what they want from me but this one is hard when nobody from here will answer an email at all. I have tried the person who sent me the original email and they never answer back. I have even tried contact here and they will not answer back. I have no idea who else to write to on this site. I have tried everything they ask for and like SnakeWitch they are not looking at my posts at all. I feel like I am targeted here on this site and no mater what I do it is not correct for them I will look into blogging at the other site the two of you are on. Hope to see you over there. My name on that site is same as here.
        1. Veganara
          Yes, Bubblews is great, I have just earned my first $25 there, so has SnakeWitch, and I am about halfway to my second! My user-name there is Britannia, so please look me up, and I will check out your articles there too. Sorry about the problems you are having here - that is why SnakeWitch left. They are not very good about answering emails. I haven't received payment for my most recent blog that got to the home page, the Meatless Mondays one. I have emailed them about it and no one has replied yet. This has happened a couple of times before and last time it took several weeks to sort out. So I am not very happy with them either! They said the last couple of times that it was a PayPal problem, but I don't understand why they keep having these problems time after time, you would think they would have resolved them by now. So if they are not going to pay me for my blogs I am going to leave as well.
  2. LibbyTreats
    It may have been just one meal, but that's a start! Baby steps!
    1. Veganara
      Yes exactly LibbyTreats, glass half full! Thanks for the vote and comment.
  3. Whitney Metz
    Whitney Metz
    Great post Maggie! Voted. I used to have the same kind of struggles with my family. Don't give up hope entirely. My family actually did give up meat, after years of me trying to convince them to. You never know when something you say could get through to them :)
    1. Veganara
      Thanks a lot Whitney. You got your family to give up meat? Well done! As you say, we shouldn't give up hope.
      1. Whitney Metz
        Whitney Metz
        It was partly me. I think it was mostly the trips to Farm Sanctuary that finally got to them.
  4. Akanksha
    wow...having a vegan meal with my entire family is a dream for me! I absolutely loved this blog. It reminds me of my family,, especially mom!
  5. Shabs Online
    Shabs Online
    loved this blog...I too, would love to dine healthy veggie stuff wth my dear family! Vote #11
  6. Prasanna Parajuli
    At last... I am now entering a vegan premise. I love to be a vegan as I don't need to feel guilty while eating unlike the non-vegans about the thoughts of bloodshed and pain of another living organism.


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