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 10 Weird Things That Have Become Normal Since Going Vegan
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10 Weird Things That Have Become Normal Since Going Vegan

When I went fully vegan, a lot of my family and friends thought I was nuts. After evaluating a lot of the things that have changed in my life ,I can understand why.

Becoming a vegetarian touches more of your life than just what you put on your dinner plate. I realized after taking a close look at my new lifestyle, certain elements are pretty weird.

1.) I Nuked the microwave:

Before becoming a vegan I could not imagine going through life without using my microwave. Today it sits on the kitchen counter literally ignored. It is a bit more work to bake, simmer, or steam my food, but by doing so the food is much tastier and packed with nutrients.

2.) The de-capitated tops of strawberries are always in my freezer:

Before choosing to become a vegetarian the only use I had for strawberry tops was as tasty treats for our pet rabbit, Uno. Now I feed the strawberry tops to my Blendtec. Greens in smoothies are delicious!

3.) Bring on the strange pink salt:

Salt is my one bad habit. I love salt on everything. I began (like most people) by using processed salt, but then I discovered and switched to kosher salt. Today I use real salt (actual name), which actually has a pinkish tint.

4.) Arrivaderci leather shoes:

I stopped purchasing leather shoes all together. I tried wearing faux-leather, but these are often cheaply made, and hurt my feet. Now we spend our days wearing trail shoes.

5.) Scratch that!

Before becoming a vegetarian, I used to rarely cook from scratch. I would use canned biscuits and boxed mixes for pancakes and waffles. Today, I not only cook from scratch, but  I actually love doing it! Plus everything tastes better. One of my favorite from-scratch things to make for my family, are popsicles with spinach!

6.) I'm totally dehydrated:

Before changing our eating habits, I had never used a dehydrator, but today I could not imagine my life without one. I dehydrate fruit and make jerky. Homemade trail mix and jerky have become staples in our house.

7.) I've be-friended Annie’s, Tom’s, Red Mill and Bronner’s:

These are brand names I had never heard of, before becoming a vegetarian. Today, I could not imagine life without them.

8.) Avocados, black beans and tofu are our just desserts:

Putting these odd ingredients into anything before becoming a vegetarian just would not have happened. Today, I use all three in several desserts. I know it sounds gross if you're unfamiliar, but honestly-- you really cannot even taste them. But boy do they add richness and texture. Both avocado and tofu can create a yummy, creamy icing or mousse and black beans, are awesome in brownies.

9.) Off of my noodle:

Oh, the shockingly vast world of pasta! We eat spelt, quinoa, corn as well as brown rice noodles. Ask a non-vegetarian about spelt or quinoa and you’ll find the majority haven’t even heard of them. But they're missing out!

10.) I'm stoked about foodie finds:

I get so excited whenever I discover a tasty new vegan cheese or chocolate bar. Being a vegetarian has absolutely pushed my goal of living outside the box much closer to fulfillment!

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