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A Live Testimony of A Vegan Lifestyle
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A Live Testimony of A Vegan Lifestyle

Well, if you ever doubted that veganism really works, then here is a powerful testimony for you. How old do you think the lady in the image is? She is one lady who loves to share her age with the world and also how she manages to look so young at her age. Her name is Mimi Kirk and she is 73. She leads a vegan lifestyle and has been awarded the title of  'Sexiest Vegetarian over 50' by PETA.

Modernization has definitely changed the way we cook, grow, preserve and eat. If we go by the ancient Ayurvedic ways of cooking and eating, we find that there is a lot of emphasis on eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Frozen and canned foods are a definite no-no. Moreover, there is different level of nutrition that is retained through different modes of cooking. Fruits and vegetables are best consumed raw. Steaming and boiling come next while microwaving comes last when it comes to nutrients retention.

If you are a vegan or plan to be one, eating raw is definitely a positive habit that can be developed. Salads with fresh raw fruits and vegetables are best for good health and longevity. Mimi says "I accredit this youthful look and spirit not only to my attitude, but really to my way of eating which is a raw vegan – living foods lifestyle."

She has an interestring website called that features raw vegan recipes and more. She has also written a book titled "Live Raw".

Going vegan is definitely a way to reduce risk of many health conditions. Going raw takes you one step ahead and it protects you from the excess oil and fat that comes with cooked food and the loss of nutrition while cooking.

Let us try to incorporate at least one raw meal a week to start with.

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  1. Sumit  Bhardwaj
    Sumit Bhardwaj
    Hmm.. This is interesting. Raw Vegan food seems to be something even better, although it may be a little hard to getting used to it. I remember in one episode of the popular tv series "sex and the city", they have shown a fully raw vegan restaurant name "RAW" in Manhattan and gave some glimpses of the food there. Looked nice :)
    1. Akanksha
      Hmm..I would love to check that hardly find healthy food outside the home..
  2. Carolyn
    It would be nice to look like that at 73! Sorry Akanksha, did not see your article till today as I worked all weekend! Great article! Congrats for making Top Posts!
    1. Akanksha
      No Problem! Thanks for reading :) I wish to look better at 73 :P
  3. Roopam
    Hey congrats for making top posts Akanksha! Nice piece! We should all add more raw food to our diets!
    1. Akanksha
      Thanks Roopam!
  4. dianabart
    Love it.. voted. Hope I look that good at 73! ;) We try to eat 50% of our meals raw.. or half of each meal raw.. makes it easier to do. All people actually should be doing this -Vegan or not.. its the only way to guarantee that we are getting all our daily nutrients.. and not cooking them out. When we cook our foods, Veggies or meats) we are actually cooking out 51% of it's nutrients; but of course we would never eat meat raw.. therefore I'm happy to be Vegan. :) Keep posting!
    1. Akanksha
      Lolz..yeah I am glad to be a veg too. If you have the choice try not to take raw and cooked food together. I personally go raw while snacking. Sliced cucumbers, carrots etc and of course fruits. I still have a long way to go. Thanks for reading Diana...l'll keep posting :-)


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