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A Little Fresh
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A Little Fresh

There is the false assumption that the brighter the color of a fruit, the more fresh it must be. But it becomes a more untrustworthy line of popular thinking as we come full on into the age of genetic alterations.

I met a young Vietnamese woman some years ago, who brought in some cut up fruit to the office. It was our office's Friday potluck, to get to know each other through food, and just to take time to relax after a busy, hectic, week.

"Sue" was delighted to sample a lot of the foods presented on the tables, talking non-stop about this or that dish. She pointed out her plate of fruit, and stated, "You need to shop at Vietnamese grocers, because the food is better. It stays fresh for over a week, while the produce Americans sell is not so good, and rots too soon."

It was something I've had quite a few years to ponder. Monsanto frenetically hurries to genetically alter cotton, corn, soy, apples, oranges, you can name the produce, they are trying to come up with a genetic alteration to the good old fashioned food. They want the rights on any gm product they make, but work to make it the only seed available.

Sue did not realize, because she was not educated about it, that the fresh fruits and vegetables must decay after a specific time frame. It works like manna from heaven, for those who know their bible, which was only good for that day. Produce that has been irradiated, genetically modified, has now got either the nutrients zapped out, or new enzymes from things as varied as fish, injected into its DNA. How is this good for us?

I like to buy ahead of time, so I don't have to shop so frequently. But I am learning very quickly, that as a vegan, that is not always possible, and thankfully so! You cannot step into a healthier, more ethical and moral lifestyle, without giving up more than a little convenience.

I went to Europe in March/April for fun and to visit relatives. What was surprising to me was the size of their refrigerators. They are not as large as the ones we have traditionally in our homes. They don't need to be, unless the people entertain a lot. Shopping is done on a daily or semi-daily basis. They buy what they need as they need it, shopping or stopping at the grocer's on the way home from work. It is an elegant solution to the fresh food problem we have here today. Plan your meals, buy for that day or two's menus.

I try very hard to support our Farmer's Markets. I shop every Saturday for fresh produce at the stall of the organic farmers in the area. They bring in purple string beans, and purple tomatoes. They will have purple carrots, and orange carrots, beets, greens... I am so delighted to find these fabulous foods, brought to me from hippie style, organic, local farms. I get to know the people who work the fields, their families, the work they put into it.

This food won't last over a week in my fridge. This means I have to eat it. I have to cook it, bake it, work it, make it. I must consume this produce because it will rot. And, most importantly, I have to eat it while it is fresh and chock full of nutrients. This is not a bad thing, by any stretch of the imagination, this is not a bad thing.

So, laud the fresh, unadulterated food. Magnify its benefits, and praise the Maker for how good it tastes, from the dirt to your table; thank God for fresh.

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Hey! Don't forget that you can vote for yourself! And what about getting fruit that is so ripe, that the sellers actually tell us to wait until the end of our shopping to buy them or they will leak with juice all the way through our purchases? And tomatoes of 5 different colours? And orange cauliflower? Love this article! Voted!
    1. Katapoet
      Thanks! I'd forgotten about that. But the fruit that is so ripe is so good with almond milk, or soy, and maple syrup! Blended with ice into a smoothie so refreshing it boggles the mind. Thank goodness for recycled, reusable, plastic shopping bags, huh? I tried the purple cauliflower, and it was pretty nice. I haven't tried the purple tomatoes, but am growing the orange grape tomatoes. They are pretty good. Especially since the red ones have so much more acidity, and I am allergic to them. I can't wait to try the orange cauliflower! That sounds so interesting! Thanks for voting for me!
  2. evalovesbend
    Great article! Voted. Check out my post vegan cookies and cream cupcakes and vote if you like it :)
  3. Veganara
    Voted. Brilliant article, I loved this! It's true, we don't freeze that much stuff here in Europe. My refrigerator has a very small ice-box, so I can't freeze that much stuff, so most of my fruit and vegetables are fresh and have to be eaten within a few days. More work really, but better for you, as you say.
  4. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Great points and so true! Voted :) Check out my radish recipe and vote if you like!


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