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A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Guide to Budget Buying
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A Vegan Bodybuilder’s Guide to Budget Buying

If bodybuilding is your sport, you have to watch what you are eating because healthy eating is one of the pre-conditions for staying active in the sport. Veggie burgers and fries with soda is not your kind of food. It's not the taste buds that you have to satisfy. You should focus instead on the proper nutrition of your body. A balanced vegetarian diet is an attractive alternative to traditional protein rich menu that has to contain meat and poultry. Protein, minerals, and calcium that are essential for body builders, are all available in different vegetables, fruits, grains, and pulses. It is entirely possible to create a bodybuilder’s guide to budget buying based completely on vegetarian resources.

Here are a few things that you need to consider as a bodybuilder, before going grocery shopping:

Create an appropriate list of grocery items:

You have to create a list of items for your consumption that you'll seek out in a supermarket. Consult your dietician for the vegetarian food items that will best grow your muscles. This will depend to some extent on your body's metabolism, your body type, your training schedule, and your type of food. Remember, you are not there to lose weight.  Your “health food” is not the same as that of a dieter who wants to lose weight. A perfect list of pre-determined grocery items will prevent you from wasting time and money.

Understand supply and demand:

As a bodybuilder, you will be consuming a huge amount of food as you increase your work outs. The more you make your body work, the more nutrition you will need. Make sure you have enough supplies of your “health food”. The best way to stack up those items is to buy them in bulk. Instead of shopping at a regular supermarket, you could go to places like Costco or Sams Club where they offer “family packs” at considerable savings.

Follow a food strategy:

Generally, people eat to satisfy hunger or to satisfy their taste buds. But a a bodybuilder eats for achieving maximum results. Your aim is to build muscles and lift weights so that you stay physically as strong as you can be. You have to set the right proportions in order to gain adequate nutrition. There are always alternatives available for each increment of nutrition. You just have to be well informed so that you can choose the right alternative that saves you money.

Always read food labels:

You need to read food labels not only for the an items price, but also for the listed ingredients. Enough time has to be dedicated with patience on this aspect of grocery shopping, especially if you are on a budget. “Sugar Free” or “Low Fat” are not necessarily signs of healthy food. Sometimes these are just “slogans” to squeeze extra money from the consumer. Shop wisely.

The bottom line is this: You have to stock the right kind of vegan or vegetarian food in your home on your bodybuilding journey. Your food does not necessarily have to be expensive. You just have to be smart enough to buy nutritious veg items for less money by creating a diet plan that lists inexpensive items that help build muscle, like beans, nuts, tofu, and lots of dark leafy greens. Good luck!

*Image courtesy Flickr Creative Commons.

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