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Al Sharpton's Remarkable Vegan Transformation
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Al Sharpton's Remarkable Vegan Transformation

Losing weight and staying healthy are two ideas that people are increasingly obsessed with these days. You regularly see a barrage of diet programs and other health options that claim to promote a healthier lifestyle. Starting on these diets normally requires a greater push, though. How about a 170 pound reason to go vegan?

Reverend Al Sharpton used to sport a 305 pound figure, before cutting down to 135 pounds after taking on a vegan diet. The reverend lost more than half of what he originally weighed and claims to have never felt better. Are up to the challenge of following the reverend’s example and going vegan?

The benefits of going vegan:

The now trim reverend enjoys daily exercise along with his vegan diet. With his recently decreased weight, the pastor has shared the benefits that he's experienced ever since he shed more than half of his weight.

  • Proving that you have self-control

Rev. Al dearly wanted to show that he can control himself from giving in to his favorite food urges. Going vegan can indeed test your self-control, since you suddenly have to refrain from eating all those delicious hamburgers and steaks you once adored. This simple act of self-control is a major milestone in anyone’s life, and can help you lose weight and stay fit.

  • Setting a good example

The reverend calls his vegan diet "all-mental". This could be because one has to literally battle inner urges once accustomed to, as the vegan transition is made. However, if you do keep in mind that you want to set a good example for tohers, the struggle can become easier. You think beyond yourself. And when you do things selflessly, the tasks ahead of you can become far easier to accomplish.

  • Reaping health benefits

When former US president Bill Clinton went vegan, he shared how he was able to reverse his heart disease. According to doctors, there are numerous health benefits that one receives from consuming mostly plants, since they offer a lot of nutrients that are good for the body. If you are suffering from heart ailments or other related diseases, going vegan may just help extend or save your life.

  • Losing weight

Let’s not forget how the good reverend was able to lose more than half of his original body mass with his vegan lifestyle change. While the vegan diet brings about a lot of other health benefits, it can also nourish your self image. An actual regimen is simple enough to follow, and you can eat as many fruits and vegetables as you want! Moreover, the benefits that you get when you make the switch should be enough to propel you to begin. And don’t forget Sharpton's 170 pound reason to go vegan. Why not try it out for size and feel the difference for yourself?

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