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8 Amazing Reasons You Should Not Throw Away Your Used Tea Bags
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8 Amazing Reasons You Should Not Throw Away Your Used Tea Bags

There are a lot of great reasons to drink tea. Among those reasons: tea contains antioxidants, may reduce the risk of heart attack and strokes, protects your bones, and protects you from cancer. Tea bags should be in everyone’s kitchen cabinets. For most, the healing properties of tea are well known, but did you know that used teabags also have several helpful uses? Here is a look at eight great reasons not to trash your used teabags:

1.) Ease A Sunburn:

If you spent a bit too much time in the sun and are dealing with painful redness, a used teabag can be placed on the affected area for instant relief. The tea bag will cool down the area and aid the healing process.

2.) Get Rid Of Embarrassing Acne:

Placing a used teabag on the affected area will help you get rid of acne. Not just on your face, but anywhere on your body. Some studies have shown that acne is reduced by 70% after using green teabags for eight weeks.

3.) Freshen Up Clothes And Shoes:

Dry previously used teabags and store them in your closet or dresser drawer to make your clothes smell fresh. You can also place dried out teabags in your shoes to get rid of any nasty odor.

4.) Marinate Portobello Mushrooms or Seitan: 

To help prevent main dishes from being tough, marinate mushrooms, seitan, or tempeh in used teabags. An added bonus is the fact that the tea’s aroma will make the meal taste richer.

5.) Clean Up Your Home:

Tea is perfect for cleaning mirrors and also works great on floors-- even linoleum.

6.) Relieve Cuts And Sores in The Mouth: 

If you have a canker sore or cut inside your mouth, simply bite down on a used teabag. Compounds in the tea will relieve the pain and speed up healing.

7.) Help Keep Your Garden Healthy:

Tea is a great element to add to your compost or soil. You can also use used teabags to feed your plants when you water them. Adding tea to soil repels root maggots.

8.) Reduce Eye Redness:

Simply place two teabags in cold water and let them soak for two or three minutes. Place the teabags on your eyelids and rest them there for a few minutes. When you remove the teabags, the redness will be gone and the area will look fresher and younger.

There you have it! The next time you enjoy a soothing cup of tea, remember to put the used teabag in a zip lock bag for amazing future use!


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    Fascinating! What a perfect way to ramp up a green lifestyle! Thanks Tammy, for contributing to The Flaming Vegan!


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