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7 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go
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7 Tips for Healthy Eating on the Go

If you suffer from food allergies, have a sensitive gut, or follow a vegan diet, preparing meals and food planning can be a pretty demanding task. Still, listening to what your body needs and likes is important if you want to stay healthy. The same attitude you have towards food at home should stay with you when you travel. If what you eat and the enjoyment you get from food is something your trip depends on, you might find the following advice really helpful for eating healthy and delicious food on the go.

Plan ahead.  If you want to travel light you definitely don’t need to carry around a small refrigerator. Therefore, some of your best options might include preparing the meals in advance and bringing them with you. Of course, these foods should not need to be refrigerated. If you are taking a trip in your own car, then you have the possibility to prepare meals and store them all in a portable refrigerator. Moreover, if you are going camping, travel-friendly barbecues, as well as appropriate cooking tools are a must.

Inform yourself.  Precisely because the food you bring from home cannot last your whole trip, it is very important to do research and get information on restaurants and food options for the destination you are planning to visit. Today there are many places that serve food according to special diets, such as gluten-free, vegan, etc. So if you need to follow specific regimes in your eating habits, locate the places that best suit your needs beforehand. Use the HappyCow app or website to find vegan and vegan-friendly restaurants, which almost always have gluten-free options as well.

Fluid intake.  You might be bored of hearing this, but this advice is crucial to your health in many ways. Basically, drink a lot of water. Not only will you feel refreshed and energized but the water will also soften the foods in your stomach and make them easier to digest. Check whether there will be drinking water along your travels, especially if you are taking a trip to remote locations. In case there’s none, make sure you have access to bottled water.

Use technology.  Thanks to new smartphone innovations, you can easily access the information you need almost anywhere. Most places have their own apps that can help you find the foods and ingredients that are vegan-friendly at the cheapest prices, as well as locate the stores that sell them.

Comfort means a lot.  People who suffer from digestion problems and food allergies know how important it is to feel comfortable. Don’t bring clothing that will make you more aware of bloating or cause discomfort while moving around. This is especially important for those who have a workout routine. Bring your own workout gear with you, such as light and airy bottoms and perfectly fitted personalized polo shirts made of a good quality material such as cotton or spandex blends.

Make some memories.  Even though this is not completely related to foods you eat, the whole point of taking care of your diet is to have fun on your trip. In that regard, it is important to capture the moments that made you feel great, as well as places that took your breath away. So, don’t forget to bring a good camera with you (or use your smartphone) and snap some photos as a memento of your perfect trip.

If you follow these tips, and more importantly, if you follow your own needs and desires, you will be able to avoid any possible mishaps and nightmarish events during your well-deserved vacation, and enjoy the time you have for yourself to the fullest.


Photo source: jennifercloss (Flickr)

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