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7 Reasons Why Going Vegan Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health
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7 Reasons Why Going Vegan Is The Best Thing You Can Do For Your Health

When I was researching physical therapy jobs, I often come across the same question: Who am I really hoping to help? The answer that came to mind is the ideal patient/client – the clients that help themselves already by leading a healthy lifestyle of good eating and exercise.

However, what happens when this is not the case? What should I do with clients who don't know how to help themselves to achieve a better body while attending physical therapy?

Suggesting a vegan lifestyle is one option. Here's why. 

1. Vegan foods contain no dairy products

A lot of physical therapy clients don't realize that nearly half of their problems could be caused by their dietary lifestyles. They may be consuming foods, such as dairy, which may be aggravating their digestive process. The discomfort and collateral issues that come from indigestion manifest in other parts of the body.

No amount of physical therapy or treatment will help soothe the damages already taking place in the digestive tract. One small change in our eating plans can make the difference between a successful physical therapy session and an unsuccessful one.

2. Increase in the consumption of leafy greens

The National Osteoporosis Foundation heavily supports an increase of leafy greens in your diet. A vegan dietary lifestyle will include the swapping of meat for leafy greens and other calcium-rich foods.

Calcium helps to build up the natural resources in our bones that keep us moving safely. A calcium-rich diet will help anyone undergoing physical therapy to strengthen bone mass. In turn, they will be able to make the best out of therapy by strengthening their muscles as well.

3. Addition of soya beans

Other wonderful sources of calcium can be found in soya beans, such as tofu. A properly-followed vegan diet will suggest that you use beans like these as your primary source of nutrition instead of meat products. This said, soya beans help to replace essential nutrients and minerals in our bodies, thus making our bones and muscles more strong and supple.

4. Increase in vitamin D

Many people do not follow up with their physical therapy appointments because of their fear of pain, frustration, depression, and other valid reasons. One of the best ways to beat those blues is by increasing vitamin D in your diet.

As a rule, a vegan lifestyle will want you to increase the consumption of foods containing vitamin D. Moreover, something as simple as spending a couple of extra minutes under the sun may help trigger the flow of vitamin D.

5. Added stamina

Runner’s World magazine ran an article on how a well-planned vegan diet can help athletes increase their energy and optimize physical performance.

However, the athlete who wrote the article states that he got his inspiration from an elder man in therapy who helped himself by simply changing his eating habits. Something as simple as this can make a huge difference.

6. It is not hard to follow!

Those who think that veganism is about eating nothing but sprouts and celery are in for a huge surprise. Hundreds of food manufacturers have linked into farmers’ markets all over the world to put together the most delicious alternatives to animal products.

Anything from holiday roasts to mozzarella sticks is now available vegan versions that contain no animal product contents of any kind. These plant-based versions are better for your stomach lining, digestive system, and ultimately, for the rest of your body.

7. Better absorption of nutrients

The issue with foods filled with animal fat, preservatives, dairy, nuts, and other allergens is that they block our natural ability to absorb nutrients and minerals we get from foods. Vegan lifestyles often swap these allergens for natural alternatives. It's safe to say you will feel the benefits of a stronger body by simply eating better.

Enjoy the benefits of veganism and try the lifestyle yourself, especially if you are undergoing physical therapy. A stronger, healthier body will certainly respond better to any rehabilitation technique.

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