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7 Plant Based Vegan Foods for Optimum Hormonal Health
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7 Plant Based Vegan Foods for Optimum Hormonal Health

7 Plant Based Vegan Foods for Optimum Hormonal Health

Pretty much all men are aware of how testosterone affects their body. It's responsible for their manliness - the growth of hair, muscle tone and strength, the depth of their voice, their libido, and many more things.

But what many people don’t realize is that testosterone is very important for both men and women. Regardless of gender, testosterone impacts some important things.

It’s a key hormone for influencing motivation, mood, and energy. A healthy libido and strong bones are also important for both men and women.

And, while testosterone might be well-known for the effects it exerts primarily on men, it also helps women limit the amount of estrogen that they produce.

Testosterone limits the amount of estrogen present in men as well, but women tend to produce much more of it.

If they don't have enough testosterone, their estrogen levels can soar, leading to depression, gaining weight, emotional instability, and problems with sex hormones.

High estrogen levels in males can also cause similar symptoms, though the condition is far less likely to occur.

Serious signs of testosterone deficiency in both men and women can include the following:

A decrease in sex drive, sexual dysfunction, muscle weakness or an inability to gain muscle, loss of body hair (more noticeable for men), depression, increased body fat, an increased risk of diabetes due to insulin resistance, low self-esteem, and infertility. These symptoms can be debilitating and can negatively impact the quality of your daily life. Fortunately, it's not so hard to improve testosterone levels.

Improving Testosterone Levels With Vegan Food

It's important for both men and women to balance the levels of testosterone and estrogen in the body.

If you think that you are getting a little low on testosterone, you don't have to jump up and resort to steroids. You can improve your testosterone levels with some simple dietary changes.  

These are some of the best foods for increasing testosterone, and you might want to consider adding some of these foods into your diet.

1. Coconut

A lot of people shy away from coconut because it's high in saturated fat. This isn't a clever idea, though.

Coconut is considered to be one of the healthiest sources of saturated fats - yes, that's the truth. Saturated fats that come from plant sources are actually quite helpful to our body.

In the case of testosterone, saturated fats are necessary for the body to produce the hormone. Saturated fats also help the body regulates levels of cholesterol, another compound that is demonized but is required for our bodies to produce sex hormones.

2. Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seeds are a great natural testosterone booster. The main reason that they're great at boosting testosterone is that they are jam-packed full of zinc. Zinc is one of the key nutrients that are necessary for the body to produce testosterone.

Zinc is also necessary for regulating the body's metabolism. A good metabolism ensures that you can convert and process your sex hormones properly, preventing deficiencies or excessive amounts of hormones.

3. Maca

Maca is a great vegan food for regulating sex hormones in general, beyond just testosterone. It's known for its ability to improve libido in both genders, and it’s also great at reducing cortisol, a hormone that is linked to stress.

Elevated levels of cortisol also discourage your body from producing enough testosterone. Maca is also a great natural stimulant that can give you the drive and energy to start exercising.

And exercise is a known testosterone booster.

4. Avocados

Avocados are a great food to consume to improve testosterone levels because they contain healthy fats, just like coconut, but also because they contain lots of vitamin B6.

Vitamin B6 is necessary to produce testosterone and it also helps to reduce cortisol production, which is proven to decrease testosterone.

Avocados also help to regulate your cholesterol levels and make sure that there is enough available for testosterone to be produced.

5. Chia seeds

Chia seeds are an impressive testosterone booster because they are one of the few foods that can directly boost levels in the body. Chia seeds have an impressive amount of healthy fats in them.

They're also are a reliable source of the vitamins and minerals necessary for testosterone production - zinc, potassium, and magnesium.

All the nutrients in chia seeds help to encourage your energy levels and to keep your metabolism working up to speed. These things all contribute to the healthy production of testosterone.

6. Garlic

Garlic is another great food for improving testosterone. Garlic contains a substance known as allicin, which is one of the best natural ways to reduce cortisol.  As we have already mentioned, elevated levels of cortisol impede the production of testosterone.

7. Cruciferous Vegetables

Cruciferous vegetables, like broccoli, cauliflower, and cabbage, also contain a phytonutrient that is known as indole carbinol.

This compound is known to modulate the levels of estrogen in the body and restore a balance if there is too much, or to increase the levels of testosterone if there is a deficiency.

Cruciferous vegetables have a wide range of health benefits that pertain to the massive amounts of minerals and vitamins they contain. These benefits can help you ensure that your body is healthy, and can contribute to a properly functioning hormonal system.

In conclusion

Now that you know that testosterone isn't just important for men, you have a bit of a better understanding of how this hormone affects the body. It's necessary for both men and women to maintain proper functioning.

A lot of people reach for steroids to enhance the levels of testosterone in their bodies. Steroids, however, are dangerous and often come with a lot of side effects. It's possible to regulate the levels of testosterone in your body by consuming healthy foods.

The foods we've discussed today are the best vegan, natural options that you can consume to improve your testosterone levels without reaching for unnatural methods. Hopefully this article helps you make some positive changes to your diet.


By Sean Ward, Founder of Naturally Boost Testosterone, a men’s health blog dedicated to providing natural ways for men to boost hormone levels. Check out www.naturally-boost- to learn more about Sean and his work. You can also find him on Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook


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