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6 Go-To Healthy Snacks for Vegans from the Vending Machine
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6 Go-To Healthy Snacks for Vegans from the Vending Machine

In today’s work-obsessed society, regular people have a hard enough time sorting out their daily eating habits. The battle is that much worse for vegetarians and vegans. If you left home without or forgot your own food, you’re not out of luck. You may not have to look further than the nearest vending machine for a number of vegan-friendly snack foods.

Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Cereal Bar

These taste great, and yes, sugar has a lot to do with it. Nutri-Grain bars make up for that with a fairly high nutrient count for the price. They contain a combined 335mg of Omega-3 and -6 fatty acids. They also have 750 IU of Vitamin A and 5mg of Niacin. Also, they’re low in cholesterol and saturated fat and contain other B vitamins in lower amounts.

Lay’s Baked Potato Chips

This is an obvious choice, and it’s almost a running joke. Still, Lay’s Baked chips are an excellent source of carbs when you need them. They also register a zero when measured for saturated fat, and there are only 120 calories in a small bag. Yes, they’re on the salty side, but they have a bit more potassium to counter that — not to mention 2g of fiber.

Planter’s NUTrition

Granola bars are everywhere, and they make it tough for vegans. There are myriad brands and types, with various ingredients. Most of them are made with honey and/or some form of milk, like powdered skim milk or nonfat dry milk solids. Thanks to the Huffington Post’s list of the best granola bars, we know of at least one brand made with neither.

NUTrition bars are made from peanuts, almonds, oats and peanut butter. Yes, there’s quite a bit of sugar, but nuts are a super source of protein for energy and this bar has five grams’ worth.

Rold Gold Pretzels

You knew this was coming. Never mind the sodium and starch. Pretzels are ubiquitous and they’re better than nothing. A calorie is defined as a unit of energy, and a small bag of pretzels has a lot. They’re also a good source of iron, believe it or not.

Nabisco Triscuits

Multi-Grain’s gluten-free crackers are better, but Nabisco’s Triscuits show up in vending machines and Multi-Grain’s crackers don’t. Besides, Triscuits are the ultimate-space filler. A single serving has 3g each of protein and fiber. And we all know fiber swells and will make you feel full. Triscuits are cheap and available in many different flavors, too. For less salt and/or fat, opt for Reduced Fat or Deli Style. Nabisco has yet to make a Triscuit that tastes less than great.

Red Vines or Hershey Twizzlers

This may be the oddest choice on the list but it makes loads of sense. It’s a very tasty snack that is wholly compatible with vegans. It’s licorice, which can be a favorable, less calorie-intensive alternative to anything loaded down with chocolate and molasses.

Quick food is available everywhere, but what is a vegan to eat? According to the list above: quite a bit! And a little research goes a long way. Sometimes the proteins and fibers come with carbohydrates and sugar. If your work’s vending machine in the office isn’t offering any of these vegan-friendly snacks, suggests to whoever oversees stocking for vending these options so that your workplace is more vegan friendly. If the current vendor for your work doesn’t offer any vegan-friendly options, maybe suggest a new vending service like Pro Serve, who does vending routes in Ontario, CA, that can provide a healthy selection of snacks that vegans and vegetarians can also take advantage of.

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