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5 Tips to Be a Better Vegan
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5 Tips to Be a Better Vegan

Whether you are a new or seasoned vegan, living the cruelty-free lifestyle can be challenging. One of the most common problems that vegans face is not maintaining proper daily nutrient intake. This is especially true for students and working individuals who live a very hectic lifestyle. However, with the right know-how, you can lead a healthy and well balanced vegan lifestyle. Get started with these five strategies.

1. Create a Snack Stash:

A snack stash is a great way to always ensure that you have food on hand. Your snack stash could be in your dorm room, work desk or even your car if necessary. Try to keep a good balance of healthy snacks and indulgent ones to maintain balance in your diet. Many common snack foods are accidentally vegan as pointed out by Peta. Be sure to read the labels before investing in products.

2. Invest in Kitchen Tools:

Kitchen tools and appliances such as a blender, food processor, and grinder can be critical for a vegan diet. If you have not done so already, invest in high-quality products that you can keep at home or in your dorm room. Portable appliances are also useful for the workplace and can keep you from indulging in junk foods too frequently. By following this strategy, you can always ensure that a healthy smoothie, protein shake or hummus is available whenever you need it.

3. Stock the Basics:

Basic foods such as beans, rice, and grains are a must have for any well-balanced diet but play an especially crucial role for vegans. According to Mother Nature Network, dried beans can pack more protein per serving than meat and are a cheap and filling staple. Store your foods in labeled containers for easy access and good organization. If you have limited time to prepare meals, consider cooking them in advance so you can grab it and go more easily.

4. Meal Prep:

Meal prepping is a great way to ensure that you are getting all the nutrition you need each day. It can also save you time and money in the long run. The best time to meal prep is the evening before the start of your work or school week. Set aside a couple hours to do this and make sure you have plenty of food storage containers. Plan out your meals for the upcoming and cook them in advance before carefully portioning out each one and storing in your containers. If you are nervous about storing fresh fruit or vegetables, you can opt for frozen varieties instead. Nutritiously mentions that frozen vegetables and fruit contain the same nutritional value as their fresh counterparts and are picked at the peak of ripeness.

5. Try New Things:

A vegan diet is not limited, but many vegans stay in their comfort zone when it comes to food. This is especially true for new vegans who haven't gotten the hang of it yet. Be sure to constantly explore new food options, whether you accomplish this at your local grocery store or take the time to visit vegan restaurants and local hang out spots such as cafes. Bonito flakes are a great option when exploring new foods. Doing so will help you expand your palette and explore new recipes and meal ideas. As an added bonus, you may even make new vegan friends with whom you can share recipes with and learn new tricks and tips from. Vegan gluten-free recipes are often available at specialty eating establishments, but you should always call ahead of time to make sure they offer them.

Living the vegan lifestyle is easy when you get the hang of it, but getting to that point can be difficult at first. Reduce your stress and avoid making unhealthy food choices by incorporating these five strategies into your routine.

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  3. kcdiez
    How are bonito flakes vegan, or even vegetarian?
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  5. Jlea
    Bonito flakes are definitely not vegan.
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  6. Vegan Noob
    Bonito flakes?
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  7. Anita London
    Bonito Flakes is dried, fermented and smoked fish!! That's definitely NOT vegan! Also, why is it that articles about the problems you can encounter being or becoming a vegan never include things like cosmetics?? It took me ages to find things like vegan nail polish. I was talking to a friend who is vegan for about 10 years and she was actually shocked to learn from me, a new vegan, that nail polish is not vegan friendly!
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    1. AnnaNatRol
      Petit Vour is an online marketplace that only stocks vegan and cruelty free products (makeup, skin care, hair care, sunscreen, nail care, etc) and I really like Ella & Mila all vegan nail polish!
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  14. Herc
    Thank you for the tips you shared ! I want to share a new tip: Try cruelty-free only makeup. Makeup items, which include creams, makeup and other lotions and potions, are not in any way necessary – and yet, many innocent creatures suffer in horrendous, outdated tests as in many places it’s required by law.
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  15. AnnaNatRol
    The only example you gave of new foods to try is NOT vegan. Bonito flakes are just dried fish, usually mackerel, so definitely not a vegan ingredient. Please update your post.
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