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5 Stylish Cruelty-Free Jackets that Will Keep You Warm this Winter
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5 Stylish Cruelty-Free Jackets that Will Keep You Warm this Winter

Finding a stylish warm winter jacket suited for cold climates can be a challenge. Shopping for a stylish and cruelty-free jacket that will withstand the harshest of snowstorms is close to mission impossible. Going into stores and trying to decipher which coats and jackets contain down or animal products may be daunting. Thankfully, I rounded up for you a few of my favorites so you do not have to do that. These coats are completely vegan, made to endure freezing temperatures and will undoubtedly appeal to the fashionista in you.

1. Vaute Couture

This New-York based company knows how harsh winters can be in the north hemisphere. Their coats are made with Primaloft Eco, which is a down alternative that is both slimming and very warm. Furthermore, their windproof ripstop offers additional protection by cutting off those chilly winds. You can find more information here.

2. Eddie Bauer

Not only does Eddie Bauer offer beautiful coats for the harshest of winters but they are also committed to making this world a better place. By adding a dollar to your purchase, you can join in on their Global Releaf project, which reforest areas stricken by natural disasters and plant trees in urban communities.  

3. Wully Outerwear

This Toronto based company offers coats designed for the deep North. Not only can you be sure to be warm but $10 is given to the Association for the Protection of Fur-Bearing Animals for every purchase.

4. Marmot

This light sporty jacket is perfect for outdoor adventures. Made with Primaloft Silver and an AirExchange lining, it will keep you warm for hours of fun.

5. Lands' End

This beautiful coat by Lands’ End is waterproof and has a windproof nylon shell. It can endure temperatures as cold as -15 degrees Fahrenheit. 

There is no reason to put fashion aside with these winter coats. I hope this list proves that you can be warm and look cute in the snow!


*Photo Credit: Vaute Couture

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  1. Support
    These coats are amazing! Mine is about to bite the dust, I think I have to buy that rockin' Fox Bomber!
  2. xVx
    Hey, Eddie Bauer currently has the spotlight on them for using DOWN (Goose feathers) in their Jackets, it's not very well advertised on some of their products and I'm not too sure if they have any 100% animal product free outerwear. Just a heads up, they're definitely not a Vegan company, but as far as I know Wully and Vaute Couture are for sure VEGAN. I'll have to check out Lands End and Marmot.
    1. xVx
      As for Lands End and Marmot, they have synthetic options, but still use down in some of their products, so be sure to read the product description and materials three times over to make sure you're not buying animal products. Not quite vegan, but they at least have options.
      1. Caroline
        Thank you for the info! Yes, I know some of these companies are not vegan but I focused on finding specific vegan coats within what they offer. It's actually really hard to find 100% vegan companies that make winter coats sadly! I still think that buying vegan coats from non-vegan companies increases the demand for such products which is good in the end. Do you know of any 100% vegan company that make winter coats aside from the few in my list? I would love to know :)


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