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5 Tips for Making Vegan Chocolates at Home
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5 Tips for Making Vegan Chocolates at Home

Prep Time: 15 minutes

Cook Time: 30 minutes

When we talk of valentines, the one thing that comes to mind is chocolate. Most bars of chocolate are made from dairy products and these do not augur well with vegans. Vegans too need to feel that smooth confection go down their throats and into their hearts, therefore, herein is a guideline on making vegan chocolate at the comfort of your own homes.

Getting vegan chocolates online has never been a daunting task, however, nothing adds a touch of love more than giving your loved ones homemade chocolates. Follow the below steps that will not only guide you in making the ideal vegan chocolates but will also make your loved ones yearn for more because of their incredible taste.

1. Take as much time as is possible to temper

When making stellar chocolate, which is coated, dipped and/or twisted into patterns, tempering is necessary. Tempering refers melting the chocolate to stabilize the cocoa butter enough to give it that sleek shine which maintains its shape and prevents budding.

The easiest way to temper chocolate is seeding it. How is this done?

· Chop the chocolate and take half of it and place it in a double boiler (this refers to a heatproof bowl that is often set on top of simmering water).

· Ensure that the chocolate doesn’t heat up above 110 degrees C; the bottom of the bowl should not touch the water below it.

· Gently stir until all the chocolate melts.

· Turn off the heat then add the other half of the chocolate.

· Gently stir again while allowing the chocolate cool up to 88 degrees C.

How can you tell you have tempered chocolate? Take a spoon and coat the back of it with the heated chocolate. Then, place the coated spoon in the fridge for about five minutes or so. If the chocolate comes out with shiny then it has been successfully tempered.

2. Avoid over-stirring the ganache

Ganache- this is the standard filling for truffles.

To achieve that amazing smooth feel that will leave your loved ones breathless, it is important that you practice and perfect your methods. To do this:

· Chop the chocolate into fine parts and put the parts into a bowl that is a bit shallow.

· Warm non-dairy cream over low to medium heat and bring it to a boil.

· Pour this cream over the pieces of chocolate.

· Let it cool for five minutes without touching it.

· Whisk slowly until the ganache is smooth and has a silky look.

· When it is firm roll it into balls and enjoy.

3. Coconut oil should be used when glazing

Avoid cocoa powder and sugar that has been powdered as it doesn’t give the perfect glaze.

How to do it:

· Melt finely chopped chocolate over a double boiler.

· Take melted coconut oil and add a teaspoon each at a time until thin enough to drizzle.

When chilled the coconut oil becomes firm and chilled.

4. To get the ideal bonbons use molds

· Molds refer to the perfect magic makers.

· Pour tempered chocolate into a plastic mold.

· Fill the mold with maple nut butter.

· Then added fruits if you please.

This ensures that you get a bar of chocolate that is smooth and curved out nicely.

5. Be careful when handling transfer sheets

Transfer sheets refer to plastic sheets that have cocoa butter designs that are printed on top.

To make simple chocolate decorations:

· Take a small square pan and pan a transfer sheet at the bottom.

· Use the tempering method to melt the chocolate.

· Pour the chocolate carefully into a thin layer on the transfer sheet.

· Then rotate the pan to allow the levels of chocolate even out.

· Place the pan in a fridge and wait for it to solidify.

This ensures that you make first class brownie toppers that are simply out of this world.

In conclusion, make vegan chocolates using the above tips today and give your family the treat of a lifetime. 

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