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5 Animal Conscious Reasons for Not Burning Firecrackers During India's Diwali Celebration
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5 Animal Conscious Reasons for Not Burning Firecrackers During India's Diwali Celebration

Diwali (or Deepavali) also known as "festival of lights" is one of the major festivals celebrated in India. There are many views as to why people celebrate Diwali. Some say it is the day on which Lord Krishna defeated Narakasura. In general, Diwali celebrates the victory of good over evil similar to the victory of light over darkness. Lighting of lamps, new clothes, oil bath, firecrackers and visit to temples are some of the traditional practices during Diwali. Firecrackers and Lamps play a significant role in Diwali celebration.  Diwali celebrations vary from State to State. Some states in India celebrate it for five days and some states in a single day.

Here are some adverse effects (for animals) of bursting firecrackers

1. Noise pollution

The sounds created by firecrackers are usually louder and are above the convenient hearing range and cause Noise pollution. Noise  pollution may also create psychological disorders apart from hearing problems since it disturbs their use of sounds in communication.

2. Light pollution

Firecrackers alter the natural light levels and affect the photo habitat of animals such as birds, owls etc. Over illumination and light clutter (grouping of many lights) during night time is prominent in Diwali season.

3. Injury

Most people leave burnt firecrackers are not disposed properly and left on the road. The probability of animals especially dogs which have the habit of sniffing stepping on these burnt crackers and getting injured is high.

4. Disorientation

Animals may hide inside the home out of fear.  They may also run out of their home due to stress. There are many incidents in which such animals are killed in road accidents. Animals may get disoriented and forget their way home. Birds may find it difficult to return to their nest and may fly into buildings. Thus there is a chance of increase in orphaned birds after Diwali.

5. Food

Pets may be terrified by the sight of firecrackers. They may react madly and injure themselves. Certain animals eat the remnants of the firecrackers and suffer from digestion problems. It is also said that there is a significant change in the lifestyle of animals due to  firecrackers. For example, feeding time of certain species is reduced, some pets become afraid to go out.


* Image Courtesy - Flickr Creative Commons


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