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5 Reasons Your Choice of Shoes Really Matters
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5 Reasons Your Choice of Shoes Really Matters

Shoes and handbags are my kryptonite, and it seems the same way for many other women. The shoe industry worldwide grosses in over $52 billion per year. However, while shoes might be gorgeous to look at and not always as gorgeous to wear, your feet need a lot more from shoes than a beautiful design. We will be laying out which shoes you should consider when out shopping.

Reasons for good shoes

If your shoes don’t fit you properly, you may end up with serious injuries including bunions, blisters, hammertoe, and even stress fractures within your feet. Therefore, finding a shoe that is actually the right for your fit is incredibly important. This is especially true since your feet are not consistently one size throughout your life and both the size and the shape of your feet can change.

If you plan on using your shoes for everything from shopping to playing tennis, running with the dog and hiking on the weekend, you are doing a great disservice to your feet.

Shoes that are made for the specific sport or activity that you want to engage in will provide better support for your feet and back. They will also be more comfortable to wear during the activity than a different shoe.

An even more important reason to look after your feet is a rather simple one. Issues within the feet can often be used in medicine to diagnose other more acute ailments from diabetes to arthritis and disorders within the nerves in your body.

Vegan criteria for shoes

In order to be certain that the shoes you are purchasing are ethical, you will want to make sure the company producing the shoes engages in sustainable practices – such as only using materials that are not only renewable but also biodegradable. Two possible materials include hemp and cotton. Other things to look out for, are the company’s water use, chemical use, and their treatment of workers.

Furthermore, you need to check if the shoes are made from animal skins, such as leather, suede, fur or coated leather. Non-vegan alternatives have flooded the mainstream and can be found in a variety of materials, from rubber to fabric and a variety of plastics. You should also check the symbols on the shoe label. For example, textile means it is vegan-friendly while coated leather means that it isn’t.

Also, be sure to check that none of the detailing on the shoes are made from animal skins, such as fur lining on boots. However, luckily there are a large amount of pleather and alternative options in the world today, for all those hoping to be stylish while saving the planet as well. But what we would really like to discuss is the things you need to do while shopping.

More importantly, be sure to check that your feet actually fit, regardless of the size in the shoe. See if your toes have space at the end of the shoe or if they are squashed in. Make sure that the shape of the shoe mostly resembles the shape of your foot. Finally, make sure to stand up and walk around in them, so as to check for discomfort and any problem areas within the shoe.

Here are a couple options of shoes that every person should aim to have in their wardrobe:

  • A pair of white sneakers
  • A pair of ballet flats
  • A pair of proper running shoes or shoes specific to the sport of your interest
  • A pair of sandals
  • A pair of ankle boots although, I’ve found on the really cold, rainy days that knee or thigh length boots are great
  • And for all the ladies, a phenomenal pair of heels – they don’t have to be high to be powerful

Bio: Sarah writes for Kicks Choice. She favors wearing shoes that are not just comfortable but promotes a healthy balance for the whole body - something she hopes everyone can learn from her blog.

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