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The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Starting a Vegan Diet Make
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The 5 Most Common Mistakes People Starting a Vegan Diet Make

The numbers of people switching to vegan lifestyles, either for ethics or health reasons, continues to grow.

The vegan lifestyle has been linked to decreased stress and increased happiness. It is however, important to remember, that when you switch your diet so drastically you should always discuss your decision with your doctor.

It is also important to have a game plan. Eating a vegan diet can have a lot of benefits, but it’s important to ensure what you are eating is nutritionally balanced.

Let’s take a look at the five most common mistakes that new vegans make and some tips that can help you avoid them

1.  Pay attention to caloric quality.

Do you always feel hungry now that you have switched to a vegan diet? If you are feeling hungry, it is most likely because the calorie density of the vegan food you are eating now is much lower. You need to add bigger portions or switch to foods with higher caloric density.

2.  Just because it’s vegan doesn’t make it healthy.

Too many people switching to a vegan lifestyle rush out to purchase processed veggie hot dogs, processed veggie burgers and other processed food. Many of these foods have less nutritional value that if you ate real non-processed food.

3.  Get your nutrients from your food first.

Once many start their new vegan diet, they run out to buy supplements like calcium and B12. You can get calcium from tofu rather than milk and from leafy green vegetables. It’s important to discover ways to get necessary nutrients from your food.

4.  Learn how to eat out.

Not all restaurants are set up for vegan diets, most do however sell salads so carry things like nuts, cranberries and raisins to spice up your meal.

5. Let your body tell you the truth.

The biggest mistake new vegetarians make is not listening to your body. It will take three or four weeks for your body to adjust, but if after that time period you still feel strange or overly hungry, it is time to reassess the nutrients you are getting.

Really listen to your body. It knows what your needs are. It’ll help lead you to the perfect vegan diet for you.

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  1. Skip Stein
    Skip Stein
    Agree. The biggest issue is getting folks to even TRY a Plant Based Lifestyle for those critical 3 to 4 weeks to actually experience the benefits/results. Most, especially Americans, have been a 'quick fix' give me a pill culture for many decades. Breaking that habit is difficult to overcome; especially with the constant bombardment of commercials for drugs, junk food constantly in the Tele and on the Net. See:
  2. Support
    Thanks for the post!
  3. Jean Michelle
    I agree with the article except for the part about listening to your body for which nutrients it needs. If I just listened to "my body", I would eat nothing but Coconut Bliss vegan ice cream and chocolate all day long. In fact, "listening to one's body" is the number one reason people fail to stay on a vegan diet - their "body" tells them they must have meat, eggs, and dairy to feel good. My take on all this is - it is ingrained habits which determine whatever you crave. I would suggest that new vegans educate themselves by reading or watching videos about how to put together nutritionally sound meals and then giving themselves a few weeks or months to develop the new, healthy habits. Start with Replacing all the cheese and other animal products you used to love (BEFORE you found out about all the cruelty involved!) may not feel good at first - but I was amazed at how quickly all these cravings went away (a few weeks) - now vegan for 21 years - and the thought of eating these formerly beloved foods is repellent now. It’s all about habits and educating yourself.
    1. Skip Stein
      Skip Stein
      So true! BUT, my craving for Hershey bars just dissipated after less than 30 days on a plant-based diet. Your taste buds totally are replaced in 15 days or so and you quickly develop a new sense of taste. Yes, I LOVE So Delicious soy ice cream: Turtle Trails and could indeed eat it every day but I don't. I do indulge on occasion and enjoy it even more! Now after 6 years, and after that deadly diagnosis of prostate cancer, I am healthier NOW than ever before. At almost 70, we are hiking (just finished a 30 day trip to Southern Utah) and doing MORE than ever. As for the cheese addiction, that passed as well and now we make our own vegan cheese and enjoy it on occasion (not regularly as it is still high in calories). A Plant Based diet is healthy as long as you focus on WHOLE FOODS and not junk foods. There are so many who go vegan for the animals and fail themselves by indulging in a crap junk food vegan diet. You can't save anyone until you save yourself! Eat Healthy, Live Longer and ENJOY LIFE! Skip Stein Whole Foods 4 Healthy Living
  4. Day Dreamer
    Day Dreamer
    Absoutely Cool Keep It up!


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