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5 Delightful and Spooky Vegan Halloween Recipe Ideas
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5 Delightful and Spooky Vegan Halloween Recipe Ideas

When Halloween creeps around so does candy and sugar galore. If you’re trying to eat healthily, the temptation of trick or treat candies can make things especially difficult. With these recipes awaiting you, however, you won't need to worry about being tempted by candies.

Don’t forget to leave out an extra plate for any ghostly visitors who may stop by on this haunted evening either! Before Halloween became as popular as it is today, leaving out a plate for spirits of loved ones who had passed was a yearly Halloween tradition.

All set to prep your healthy Halloween meal for your family and any ghostly visitors? Then check out the top Halloween dishes below. With these dishes to look forward to on Halloween night, you won’t feel the least bit tempted to sneak candy bars out of the trick-or-treat bowl.

1. Spooky Cookie Cutter Roasted Veggies

Forget the cookies, these roasted veggies are the way to go on Halloween night. To make your veggies hauntingly delicious gather Jack-O’Lantern, ghost, or witch cookie cutters.  Then use your cookie cutters on thin slices of sweet potato, peppers, beets or carrots. Pop your frightful veggies into the oven on a baking sheet and roast them to perfection.

Read the recipe here

2. Ghostly Bananas

Looking for that sweet fix on Halloween night? Switch it up with this simple recipe for ghostly bananas. All you need to do is slice your banana in half, insert a popsicle stick, dip in your favourite soy or vegan yoghurt and freeze. Then, to add eyes to your ghostly banana, use raisins.

Check the recipe out here

3. Kale and Spinach Potion Smoothies

Everyone knows kale and spinach are healthy but did you know that these vegetables make a wicked Halloween treat too? Blend together your favourite kale or spinach smoothie as normal. Then to add a Halloween flair serve it in test tubes or small glass potion bottles. You can find these vials at a craft store like Michael's for an affordable price. With this simple trick, you'll soon transform your smoothies into a wicked potion.

Read the recipe here

4. Pumpkin Muffins

Halloween would be amiss without pumpkin baked goods and the pumpkin spice craze which takes us by storm each autumn. This year, indulge your pumpkin spice addiction with muffins instead of reaching for a slice of pie. These muffins are even gluten-free, so everyone can enjoy them!

Get the recipe here

5. Stuffed Pepper Jack O’Lanterns

Jack O’Lanterns aren’t just for looking at - they’re for eating too! This fun twist on the tradition of carving a Jack O'Lantern' will transform your stuffed peppers into a spooky treat. Plus, everyone in your family is sure to be delighted with this cute and simple recipe.

Keep in mind that the original recipe linked below calls for ground beef. So, to keep this recipe deliciously vegan substitute the beef for tofu, beans or your favourite protein instead.

Want to know the best part? These peppers will fill you up so you won’t be craving any of that tempting candy later on!

Read the original recipe


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