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5 DIY Indoor Gardening Hacks For Your Organic, Vegan Lifestyle
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5 DIY Indoor Gardening Hacks For Your Organic, Vegan Lifestyle

As winter approaches gardening outdoors becomes much less of an option - no matter whether you live in a house or an apartment. Depending on where you live, the cold weather may actually make it impossible to garden outdoors.

However, that doesn’t have to mean that you can’t grow any fresh herbs or veggies for your vegan meals. You simply have to reimagine your gardening techniques when the frost arrives. To get you started here are 5 simple DIY hacks for planting an indoor garden in your home!

Hanging Pots

This classic approach to indoor gardening is a timeless solution. To spice it up, instead of simply hanging pots from a basic ceiling hook go for something a bit artsier.

To create an artsy spot to hang your plants, fasten a natural wooden rod across the length of a window. Aim for something similar to hanging it on the window, like a curtain rod.

Then, wrap twine or wire around your pot and attach this to a shower curtain ring. Slide the ring on the rod, and repeat for each pot and voila, you have artsy hanging pots in your window.

Hot Tip - Match the stain of your wooden rod to your kitchen’s aesthetic or for a beachy look use driftwood!

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Mason Jar Window Sill Garden

There’s nothing more adorable than a mason jar garden. The contrast of the soil’s earthy colors with the bright greens of your organic herbal seedlings will be simply stunning.

Not to mention that harvesting your own herbs straight from your indoor garden will ensure that none of your vegan dishes will come into contact with nasty pesticides.

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Convert a Wooden Ladder

Have some empty floor space in your home? Create a natural accent with a wooden step ladder lined with plants. This DIY is simple and easy. All you really need is a wood ladder stained in the color of your choice and some plants!

Then you can easily place your plants on each step of the ladder to create a delectable indoor garden. Try planting veggies like green onions, or even green beans which can climb the ladder like a lattice. No matter which veggies you grow they’re sure to be delicious in a home-grown salad.

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Floating Book er… Plant Shelves

If you have an empty wall that feels a bit bland, plant shelves are the way to go!

Instead of lining your shelves with books, add pops of edible greenery to your floating shelves. Not only will the greenery create a refreshing atmosphere in the winter but you’ll easily be able to grow the veggies you want for your favorite dishes - no matter how cold it is outside.

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Tiered Pot Garden

A tiered pot garden is a perfect way to add life to an empty corner in your home.

To achieve this look, simply layer your favorite smaller pots on top of your larger pots. Then, plant your favourite herbs like basil and sage along the perimeter of the pots.

Before you know it you'll have created a tiered garden that you can easily harvest your organic herbs from. Now, how's that for simple, easy and delicious?

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