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30 Healthy Snack Ideas!
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30 Healthy Snack Ideas!

I love snacks, but sometimes I get in a rut and keep eating the same ones. Here are thirty ideas to give you some fresh ideas! Feel free to post your ideas in the comment section if they're not already on the list. :) Happy snacking!

1. air-popped popcorn (try it sprinkled with garlic salt)

2. fresh berries

3. handful of nuts

4. carrots and celery dipped in peanut butter

5. pretzels dipped in hummus

6. a banana or an apple with almond butter

7. dried fruit (raisins, banana chips, etc)

8. dark chocolate

9. greek yogurt (there are also vegan brands) with granola and jam/fruit preserves

10. a homemade vegan donut (try looking on for a recipe)

11. mini bran muffins

12. peanut butter and banana in a wrap

13. a green smoothie (a google or pintrest search will give you tons of recipes)

14. granola bar or protein bar

15. trail mix

16. a frozen chocolate covered banana

17. frozen smoothie as a healthy popsicle

18. oatmeal with fresh fruit

19. baked zucchini or avocado fries

20. roasted chickpeas

21. onion or roasted red pepper stuffed mushrooms

22. grilled pineapple

23. cherry tomatoes drizzled with oil and vinegar or vinaigrette

24. sunflower seeds

25. pickles

26. olives

27. frozen grapes

28. fruit salad

29. green tea

30. grapefruit (try it broiled!)



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    guacamole and chips! yum!
    1. hstiles
      yes, i love guacamole!! it's so good. I'll check out your cookie recipe!
  2. Virtually Homemade
    Virtually Homemade
    Nice to meet another foodie on flaming vegan. check out my oatmeal raisin cookies - really yummy :)


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