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3 Ways to Take Control of Your Health in 2017
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3 Ways to Take Control of Your Health in 2017

The year is still pretty new! Even if you got off to a bumpy start, this is an excellent time to form new habits and increase your overall health. With the right information, it's possible to take charge of your health and decrease your risk for numerous conditions. Read on to learn three easy ways to track your health in the new year.

1. Perform Self-Examinations

One of the best ways to beat cancer is to catch it early and one of the best ways to catch it early is by performing regular self-examinations. It is essential to be proactive and self-aware in order to catch cancer early.

Women should aim to perform a self-breast examination at least once per month. If you research how to perform an exam at home and still have trouble, ask your doctor for assistance to ensure that you are using the proper techniques. In addition to performing regular self-examinations, watch for other breast cancer signs including:

- Red or swollen lymph nodes - Breast discomfort - Unusual lumps - Nipple retraction - Puckered or dimpled areas on the breasts - Discharge, especially bloody, from the nipples - Changes in the shape of the breasts or nipples - Skin irritation

For men, it is crucial to perform a self-testicular exam at least once per month. Testicular cancer is usually curable, especially if detected early. Men should also conduct a monthly home breast exam. Breast cancer in men is less common than in women but still just as dangerous.

Both women and men should also perform frequent skin checks. Watch moles closely for signs of skin cancer and immediately talk to a doctor or dermatologist with any concerns.

2. Use a Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers are a rapidly growing trend and for good reason. These digital devices are capable of tracking steps, monitoring your heart rate, tracking your sleep patterns, determining how fast you walk, and recording the intensity of your workouts.

Wearing a fitness tracker can help encourage you to meet a certain goal every day or motivate you to try to beat your previous record for a total number of steps. In addition, fitness trackers can help you determine your maximum heart rate - an important bit of knowledge for improving your endurance and aerobic capacity.

3. Create a Personal Health Diary, Vegan Style

A personal health diary is a written record covering all aspects of your health including the dates and details of injuries, illnesses, surgeries, hospitalizations, and your supplement regimen. By recording your health details, it allows you to easily monitor your health and track any recent concerns or procedures.

When you visit your doctor, bring your health diary along to make appointments run smoothly and make sure no details get left out. Being in charge of your health history keeps you informed and helps you gain control over your health. A health diary can also encourage you to make healthier choices and be more proactive.

To start your health diary, write down as much personal health-related information as possible. You can even contact your health provider's office for assistance with your medical records.

Final Thoughts

All in all, 2017 can be your healthiest year ever by incorporating the three habits mentioned above into your lifestyle. By taking control of your health, you can reduce your risk of developing various diseases, manage your weight, and boost your quality of life.

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