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3 Vegan School Must-Haves
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3 Vegan School Must-Haves

While school maybe a few months away at this point, it is the perfect time to start looking for vegan school equipment for the upcoming semesters. Closer to the date, I'll share some of my favorite vegan school lunches and snacks. For now, we'll be looking at things you should be searching out now to make school shopping easier.

1. Reusable lunch bags. This is one of the more eco-friendly methods of sending food to school with your children. Look for bags made without beeswax or PVC. An alternative would be a metal laptop lunchbox with removable food compartments. 

2. Recycled cardboard binders. These may wear out faster, but you avoid a lot of the issues with the PVC ones. (Can you tell yet that I'm against PVC?) They are also cheaper in most cases than the plastic kind, so it's easy to replace them as needed. 

3. Vegan backpacks. One of the more difficult items to find for school, is a backpack that conforms to your vegan standards. Many have leather incorporated into them. To avoid this, look for companies that produce only vegan items. Hemp backpacks are a good choice, as they are made from sustainable resources and are sturdy. They also look pretty cool!

Whether your child is vegan or not, these supplies will be acceptable to everyone. They provide your child with necessary items for the school year without compromising your values. Start now and you won'tbe all stressed out when it comes time to do the usual school shopping.

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