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3 Vegan-Friendly Apps to Keep Your Nutrition On Track
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3 Vegan-Friendly Apps to Keep Your Nutrition On Track

If you're like me, eating healthy is a breeze. You can stay on track all on your own, and you always make smart food choices thanks to your iron will.

Yeah, no.

If you're actually like me, you probably read "3 Apps" in an article's title and your mind immediately went to appetizers, not applications. The important thing to remember, though, is that you're not alone. There are plenty of people out there who also need a helping hand when it comes to watching their diet. To assist those folks, there have been several well-crafted apps created over the past few years that can help you stay on track with your nutrition.

Check out a few of our favorites.

Happy Cow:

When you don't feel like cooking, it can be difficult to find an authentic vegetarian or vegan restaurant. They're certainly not as easy to locate as a burger joint, for example, but there are tools you can use to narrow down your search.

The Flaming Vegan has talked about the HappyCow app before, but it deserves more recognition. Instead of being a generic restaurant finder, HappyCow is designed specifically to identify vegetarian, vegan, organic, and raw-food establishments.

Using the location finder, you can see which restaurants are within your area, get directions, view menus, and check reviews. It's also great for dining on the go, or when you're looking for a restaurant in an unfamiliar area. Get it here.


Spaghetti squash and veggie noodles are all the rage these days. Substituting them for the starchy, non-vegan alternative allows you to have a night of indulgent Italian food without any of the guilt.

There are two things you'll need to make veggie noodles at home. The first is an at-home spiralizer. Prices vary depending on whether you prefer something gourmet, stationary, or handheld, so do your research before purchasing. The product you choose should depend on your desired use and how often you plan on using the tool. Personally, I picked up a handheld one for ten bucks and I think it does the job just fine.

The second thing you'll need is the Inspiralized app. Their collection of recipes will give you a wide variety of ways to use your spiralizer, including zucchini noodles, crispy onion straws, and creative ways to construct unique salads.

All Recipes: 

Verizon Wireless recommends trying out the All Recipes app because, as its name implies, it's absolutely brimming with recipes for all diets including, yes, vegan. Not only that, but there are using ratings and reviews of the recipes, meaning you can have a better idea of what you're about to create in the kitchen.

The app also allows you to see the nutritional breakdown of each meal before getting started instead of calculating the totals yourself. Use their meal guide to collate recipes based on which ingredients you want to include and those you want to leave out. Then, narrow down the selection by noting the cooking method you wish to use and your dietary restrictions. Get the app here.

Before your next meal, be sure to download and try out one of these apps to see how they can help you stay on track and meet your nutrition goals.

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