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100 Ways to Love Mother Earth  (#2)  Listen to Her...
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100 Ways to Love Mother Earth (#2) Listen to Her...

100  Ways to Love Mother Earth


Listen to Her...

One of the most profound meditation experiences I've had, and I wasn't even intentionally meditating... was a deeply moving moment in which the Earth spoke through me. 

For many years I lived in relative hermitage in a small cottage on a sunny hill in the middle of an apple orchard.  There was a redwood grove out back and all of nature danced around me.  I became friends with the wild turkey, deer family, robins nesting, the seasons as they changed the trees from fruit-filled to baren winter skeletons.  It was an amazing time of healing and deep meditation.  Living in that space, in the quiet serenity of nature, changed me as a human being.  I became a calmer, happier, more heart-centered person. 

I am an energetic healer, vivid intuitive and whole body empath.  It has taken me a while to come to terms with my sensitivities, to know what feelings belong to me and which ones I pick up from others or the environment.  I am at the point now where my intuition is clear and focused and I get very detailed guidance and information. 

One day while doing some sewing and spiritual artwork in my country studio, kneeling on the floor humming to myself, I suddenly became flooded with emotion and buckled to the floor.  I sobbed from the depth of my being but it wasn't me that was sobbing, as strange as this may seem, it was the Earth.  She announced herself to me and said, pleading, desperate, help me.  She said she was hurting, she is in so much pain.  She is a living being, all of these human habits of destruction are literally killing her and she mourns and feels all of it, every second.  She had me feel her pain, a degree of it, channelled through me, not to cause me suffering or fear, but to teach me so that I could understand.  It was her desire to reach me emotionally, at the heart level so that I could sympathize with her and act on her behalf in compassion for her suffering. 

I have long been a vegetarian/vegan, for health reasons but primarily because it pains me to harm animals and I have a deep desire to reduce the impact I have on this Earth.  I have always been aware on some level how she is affected by modern civilization, we all have some idea as it is impossible to ignore it these days.  But to have this experience of Earth coming through me in this surreal but extremely clear way, lit a fire within me to help. 

The reality is, she cannot speak for herself, so it is up to us, the blooming humans of the world.  We have the power to help her heal with our every choice and action.  She wants the world to know that she is hurting, that she is deeply deeply in pain from what is being done to her, in the name of selfishness and greed.  She is tired and is trying to cleanse herself.  That is what 'natural disasters' are much of the time!  She begs for us to recognize that we are a part of her, a part of the living breathing oneness of the universe.  What we do to her, we also do to ourselves.  What we do to ourselves, for better or worse, does affect her.  We simply cannot continue to live in the same ways for it would be our mutual destruction.  This is a time of great change and global transition, there is so much beauty and light energy already opening up. There is care and action all over the world to help restore the Earth, but we have a long way to go. 

The best thing we can do for her is to stop! and think of her as we are living our daily lives.  The greatest acts of compassion involve putting the well being of another before our own.  We can all be saints simply by thinking of Earth first.  She does not demand perfection, she understands directly that we are growing and changing beings just as she is.  But we can begin, if we haven't already, to really listen.  Let us all reconnect with her, spend more time in nature, know her magic.  In this way we will remember the Earth's riches and it will be a natural flowering in our heart to do anything we can to protect her. 

Make listening and loving the Earth a family affair.  What do you love?  Water?  Do you love animals, trees, mountains, oceans?  Contribute your time, passion, money or love energy to an Earth cause you believe in.  Let this be the new social engagement, let us unite with friends and family in joy and celebration of the Earth and all she gives so freely to us.  Let us ask what she needs, and give back to her by planting flowers and trees!  She is our mother in this life, providing for us and being there for us, quite literally, and unconditionally for all our days.  Listen to the rivers and streams.  Listen to the wind and the abundant joyful sound of birds.  Listen to the silence of the deep forest.  To know the Earth is to love her and once you create a relationship with her, it is easy to see how true happiness comes from the simplest things.  The best things in life really are free. 

Listening to Mother Earth and honoring her in our actions creates both a happy planet and a happy family of humans.  In time, I see us all reconnecting to her and one another, spending our days more in tune with nature and living in peace and harmony. 

Today, take a moment to wander outside.  Let the sun warm your face, tangle your toes in the grass, feel the grace of the breeze welling up.  Smell a flower, pet a cat, swim in a lake under the silver moonlight.  Whatever feels good to you, go outside and listen to what your beautiful Mother Earth has to say to You,  ask her if you can help her in any way and wait for her honest reply. 

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  1. SnakeWitch
    Vote 2! They do say that someday, Earth will deal with humans because we aren't taking care of her...


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