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10 Reasons To Become a Vegan
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10 Reasons To Become a Vegan

1. Save the Animals!

According to PETA, every vegan saves over 100 animals from abuse every year. Though I’m not sure exactly how this statistic was concluded, I read somewhere that the average American eats somewhere around 26 whole chickens a year. There must be 74 other animals we eat too. Maybe fish?


2. Resource Preservation

An NPR blog I read said that in order to make a quarter-pound hamburger, it takes 6.7 pounds of grains and forage (to feed the cow), 52.8 gallons of water, and 74.5 square feet for grazing and growing feed crops. For one hamburger! Plus, I guess they knock down rain forests sometimes for more land to raise cattle.


3. Health Benefits

Reduced risk of heart disease and Alzheimers, increased weight loss, eliminate bad cholesteraol, and 80% of food poisoning is from meats. There’s a bunch more statistics on the health benefits too. Google is your friend. I also hear you might live longer.


4. You are a believer a single unit can affect the masses

A lot of the time, you may be given the excuse that one person cannot make a difference in the grand scheme of things. “If I go vegan, animals will still be treated cruelly and be killed,” or something like that. If everyone thinks this, social change becomes stagnant. Plus, if you believe one person can’t influence others and create a great thing, watch this.


5. There are tons of vegan foods!

Betcha didn’t know vegans could eat Oreo’s, Twizzler’s, Baco Bits, Clif Bars (except the blueberry ones), Doritos (Sweet Chili), Food Lion Animal Crackers (oh, irony), Fritos, and Fruit by the Foot! Oh, and probably a bunch of other healthy things too, like, I don’t know, vegetables.


6. Protein is not a problem

There are also tons of protein sources for non –meateaters. Beans, lentils, quinoa, and tofu are only some of the great sources. And tofu is not all that bad, people. I’m not even a vegan, and I love eating tofu on a regular basis. The trick is making a delicious sauce and letting it absorb the flavors, or, like every great food, frying it up. I bet someone else wrote an article about preparing tofu for this website recently…


7. Peer Pressure!

If you are a celebrity. Also (not included on that list), Alec Baldwin.


8. It doesn’t have to be expensive

In fact, there is a book out there called Eat Vegan on $4 a Day. This is not a plug for the book. While there are expensive ways to be vegan, it can also be very manageable. A few of my college friends were vegans, and Heaven knows the college crowd does not have much money to spare.


9. Vegan Community

Vegans and vegetarians tend to be pretty friendly with each other (from what I know), and there are even some websites dedicated especially to vegan blogging (hint hint). Seriously though, the internet has so many resources to meet other vegans to hang out, share experiences, or just talk. There are some amazing stories and amazing people out there. Try typing in “vegan” on (or if you are like me, type in something like “board games), and you will be amazed at how many results you get.


10. Because you want to

I became a vegetarian for a year back in high school just to see if I could. Sometimes, you just want to try something out, and sometimes it sticks. You don’t need a reason like health or animal rights to try new and exciting things!


Share with your non-vegan friends and maybe you can get some converts!

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