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Vegetarians Rise to 5% in America
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Vegetarians Rise to 5% in America

The amount of people going vegetarian and vegan is increasing every day. There are multiple reasons why people feel the need to make this lifestyle choice. The United States has always had meat in its food culture. That is why it seems very strange that since 2009, the percentage of people that have gone vegan and vegetarian has risen from just 1% to 5%. That translates to a great number of 16 million people, and more join the vegan pack on this journey from one lifestyle to another every day.

Ethical Reasons:

More than half of the people who have gone vegan or vegetarian understand that eating habits involving meats and animal products are unethical. In order to support the ethical treatment of animals, they turn their heads away from a life with any animal products in it. They feel that animals should be respected and not used for human benefit.

Educational Reasons:

42% of the people who choose this lifestyle do so after an educational session or watching a documentary regarding vegetarian and vegan lifestyles. The fact that 52% of the vegans have been a part of this lifestyle for less than ten years shows that the this trend is considerably recent and the reason could be an increase in people’s knowledge of the nation’s food chain.

Women Leading the Vegan Pack:

The combination of both vegans and vegetarians back in 2009 was 1 million people and women made up for 79% of that number. Today, when the number of vegans and vegetarians has gone up to 5% of the country’s population, women still make up for 79% of the vegan group. This shows that the tendency to go vegetarian is found much more frequently in women than in men.

People Getting More Curious About the Lifestyle:

The number of people who want to learn more about veganism is increasing as well. This is evident by Google’s claim that the number of searches with the keyword ‘vegan’ has increased three times from 2007 to 2014.

Veganism as a Popular Culture:

Many well-known celebrities, be them actors, athletes or politicians are going vegetarian or vegan as well. The changes in these trends has led to the formation of many restaurants that are purely vegan, and most of the existing ones now offer vegan alternatives in their menus as well. With all the changes that are taking place regarding this, statistics claim that America might just become a vegan country by the year 2050.

This great journey from 1% vegan population in 2009 to 5% today only goes to show how rapidly America’s people are getting used to the idea of veganism. One major reason people go vegetarian is because it is a healthier lifestyle. There are no harmful cholesterols or fats in a vegan diet, as well as having much more nutrients than meat products do.

When the whole idea of a vegetarian lifestyle started coming up, many people said it was only for ‘hippies’ and people who worried a little too much about their health. But now we can see how that is changing to a ‘smart’ way of life many people adopt in the hopes of decreasing our ecological footprint as well as being more compassionate to animals.

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