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#furfreefriday : Shopping Vegan
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#furfreefriday : Shopping Vegan

Black Friday is upon us. No matter what bargains you think you’ll be getting this year, there is always an air of apocalypse and chaos surrounding this customary day of retail splurging. Animals feel it too. With Christmas and Hanukkah around the corner (need I even remind you) the purchasing of leather, fur and other animal by products will be on the rise this coming weekend. Peta has created the hashtag #furfreefriday just for this occasion. They are urging shoppers to make conscious and cruelty-free decisions before buying.

Peta’s website states that, “There are more options than ever for vegan gifts! Shoppers can help geese and ducks by purchasing luxurious down-free pillows and jackets”. They’re not embellishing either. There are many non-animal choices for pillows available at Ikea, ranging from very affordable to more high end pillows. Polyester fabrics also have the added benefit of often being hypoallergenic and are machine-washable friendly. 

As for jackets, Topshop has a great trendy selection of faux leather and manmade fabric coats. Their comfy, Western and masculine inspired faux-Sherpa lined denim jacket is a staple that can easily be layered with your favourite hoodie. For the men in you life who need a new coat (yes, Dad, 30 years is long enough to wear a jacket) Macy's has the Barbour Chelsea Sportsquilt Jacket. It’s a classic because it is versatile enough to go from work, to the store, and to do yard work in. Incidentally, I own a quilted jacket and it has never let me down by being too thin for Autumn and Spring.

Don’t want to go to the store at all this weekend? There are even more vegan product options available online. For instance, this vegan iPad case from bertiescloset is an artisan product that you just wouldn’t be able to find elsewhere. This shop owner also offers custom designs.

The options really abound when you start shopping online and avoiding the Black Friday madness also gives you more time to prepare your Thanksgiving Margaritas.

Every shopper is encouraged to use #furfreefriday to promote vegan shopping choices on social media, but there are also dozens of #furfreefriday events happening throughout the United States and Canada this Friday. 

Check Peta's Facebook page for more information on how you can get involved in a city near you.


Photo Source: Flickr Creative Commons

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