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 Vegetarian 'Beef' Farmer Saves Cows From Slaughter and Starts a Vegan Farm
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Vegetarian 'Beef' Farmer Saves Cows From Slaughter and Starts a Vegan Farm

A vegetarian 'beef' farmer is an unlikely thought but this is exactly what Jay Wilde has been battling his entire working life as a dairy and then 'beef' farmer. 

Jay has been vegetarian for the last 25 years and he took over his father's farm after his death in 2011 - but couldn't stand sending cows to slaughter to make a living. 

The 59-year-old contacted The Vegan Society with the intention to stop farming animals and move towards growing crops for human consumption after reading the charity's Grow Green report which inspired farmers to do just that.

The group had met numerous times before they found the solution: they planned for the animals to be transported to a sanctuary to live out their natural lifespans. 

The Vegan Society put Jay in touch with Hillside Animal Sanctuary which agreed to rehome the herd of 59 cows, 30 of whom are pregnant. The move took place last Monday (12 June) and all the cows have settled well at the sanctuary.                 

While the sanctuary is delighted to be able to help these animals, the cost of maintaining them is significant and they have issued an appeal for donations - anyone able to help can go to their website and donate. 

Jay believes that cows are conscious of what goes on around them, that they have personalities and are "not just units of food". He has even seen cows cry when their calves are taken away. He has made a connection with animals similar to what many vegans have done. 

This is the first such case and The Vegan Society hopes that Jay’s incredible story will inspire other farmers to move towards more compassionate and sustainable farming without the use of animals.

Any farmers interested in ceasing farming animals should contact The Vegan Society on 0121 523 1742 or email

Image copyright: The Vegan Society

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  1. Dixie Somers
    Dixie Somers
    Wait, what's his intention if he's not going to slaughter the cows? Just make an endless herd? I feel like eventually that would get unsustainable.
    1. Dominika Piasecka
      Dominika Piasecka
      He sent the cows to the sanctuary so they can live out their natural lifespans there and he's in the process of turning his farm into a vegan organic one that will grow crops for human consumption :)
      1. Dixie Somers
        Dixie Somers
        Ah, so it's more like a livestock preserve. :)
  2. JC1pathVegan
    Sanctuaries can have bulls neutered to prevent growth of the herd and it is a safe place for cattle to be. If a person is truly vegan for the sake of animals, they have to consider the safety and lives of cows already existing. And I believe that preserving cattle is a very important thing to do.


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