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{Affordable} Vegan Fall Fashion: Boots + Beyond
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{Affordable} Vegan Fall Fashion: Boots + Beyond

Ah, the crunch of crisp leaves and smell of soy pumpkin lattes. Fall hath arrived. Whenever the season begins, I remember the dreamy exhalation of an intellectual female friend a few years ago. Even she couldn't hide her bliss. "Fall is the best season to accessorize," she sighed. And she's right. Look, I love a good, thoughtful deep debate or penetrating book as much as the next girl, but damn it, it's Fall. I want boots. Amazing boots. "No animals were harmed in the making of your gorgeous cozy look," boots.

And given our contemporary and increasingly conscientious cultural climate, it's not only possible, it's suddenly cool. Who'd have dreamed it just a few years ago? So, without further adieu, I'll let you in on my favorite sources of compassionate {Autumn} kickassery. Go forth and look awesome, ya'll.

Boots: Cruise over to Lulu's, for amazing boots that won't break the bank. I mean it. I mean it so much that I'll be ordering some this evening without even worrying that I need to wiggle it into our (quite conservative) family clothing budget. I also adore the soft cozy knit boots by Siamese Dream Design, like the ones featured in the photograph above.

Sweaters: These days I'm in love with Ecouterre for vegan sweaters and knits. The pieces are simple and classic and easily layered. And for that reason, these middle-of-the road prices are easy to swallow (hovering around $40 and up). You don't need a trunk load of sweaters to get you through the breezy season, you only need a few. Remember that ethically and environmentally, less is always more. Not to mention, if you focus on quality instead of quantity, and on a few trusty stand-by's, you'll have more in your pocket for those trademark scarves and hats you've totally had your eye on.

Hats: Look no further than the quirky and functional style of Rawganique. These beanies and other ogle-worthy designs are organic, hemp, and utterly affordable, generally ranging from $13-$16.

Scarves: The one, the only, the incomparable, Etsy! Directly support handmade fiber arts awesomeness and snag a one-of-a-kind scarf that you probably won't see anyone else at the party wearing. Vegan scarves on Etsy are an eclectic mix, and range in price from $12.50 on up. Bundle up, gorgeous.

Socks: Maggie's is the best! While you'll obviously want to steer clear from their Wool options, their organic cotton socks are durable, adorable, and fair trade. They're soft and lovely, and the website has great monthly savings.

Coats: This is where you're really going to have to put your money where your mouth is. A beautiful, well-made, cruelty-free coat is going to cost you anywhere from $200-400. Here's my advice: commit. Decide for yourself that you're willing to spend a little more on something so important, wildly functional, and long-lasting. Get something that feels classic, so you can sport it for a few years and then pass it on. And go ahead, hit up Vaute. This is your splurge piece, and your most important for those cold winter months to come. So if you can, support a vegan designer in this arena.


Happy conscious consuming everyone, because we need the fashion industry to know we want to stay warm without warming the planet. Enjoy the season!



*Image courtesy Flickr creative commons.

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  1. Melissa Nott
    Melissa Nott
    A great reminder that leather and wool are present in many cold-weather items,
  2. Siamese
    Great to see our boots here. Just wanted to update the link as that pair sold out.


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