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I'm a mom of two who loves to cook. I'm always striving to find new recipes to satisfy the bottomless pits I call children . . . food that will nourish them and still be enjoyable.

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5 Spices You Really Should Be Using

5 Spices You Really Should Be Using

Most people use a few basic spices in their food, but this can get a bit boring. If you are ready to step up the flavor of your dishes, it's time to try some new spices. Even one or two new flavors can completely change the way you cook. 1. Cloves This spice is most commonly thought of as a baking ingredient, but cloves can actually spice up savory foods, as well. Try adding some to your spaghetti sauce or your roasted squash. Cloves add a unique warmth to dishes and make a great addition to winter foods. ...

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