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Vegan Cuts Camping Box: A Flaming Vegan Staff Pick
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Vegan Cuts Camping Box: A Flaming Vegan Staff Pick

If you’re looking to spend some time camping in the good ol’ outdoors this summer, you have to prepare yourself properly. It can be a chore to shop or make your own plant-based food and products for activities such as camping, but thanks to Vegan Cuts Camping Box that doesn’t have to be the case. For just $22.00, you can get all the camping goodies you need to stay healthy, hydrated, and bug-free. Shipped right to your door!

I’m so glad I got the request to try this product give it a review it when I did, because I had a camping trip all planned out for the following weekend. Talk about perfect timing! 

Full disclosure: I ate most of the treats therein before I ever even got to my campsite, because they all looked so good. So I can attest to the fact that even if you’re not camping, this box is perfect for an on-the-go lifestyle. And now? Let's get into it. I’m going to tell you about every thoughtfully hand-picked product in this awesome box. Ready? Let's go.

VegThisWay – Super Sweet Potato RAWR Bar

I tried this on my walk to the gym for some pre-workout energy. The packaging of this bar looks homemade, and I dig it. However, I could not open it for the life of me, so have a sharp object ready. You get a half serving of fruits and veggies from consuming this dried fruit and veggie bar, so you can feel good about what’s inside. You ought to have strong healthy teeth to tear off a chunk of this bar, because tough at first, and then softens in your mouth after a little bit of chewing. The flavor is impeccable. Sweet potato and cinnamon? Is a fantastic combo. The texture was almost an initial turn-off, but the flavor and healthy simplicity of this treat, will keep me coming back for more.

Grab the Gold – Chocolate and Peanut Butter Snack Bar

YES! Chocolate and peanut butter are a perfect match. I was so hyped for this high-protein snack bar. It contains eleven grams of protein to be exact, and seven grams of fiber to boot! It’s like a homemade no-bake cookie, only better. You can tell this bar is made with minimally processed ingredients compared to conventional protein bars, as a direct result of the included whole, crunchy, chewy oats. This inclusion is very filling and perfect for a very satisfactory post exercise snack.

Ultima – Balanced Electrolyte Powder

There is zero sugar and zero anything artificial about this electrolyte powder. It’s naturally sweet unlike other electrolyte products which can be fluorescent in hue and sickeningly sweet. The flavor I received has a bright and cheery orange. I tried this one after a night out. It immediately cured my headache and left me feeling refreshed and ready to start the day. I could sip on drink non-stop. If you don’t drink much water, this powder would be a wonderfully healthy way to bring up your daily electrolyte intake.

Grower’s Cup – Fair Trade Brazilian Coffee and Herbal Tea

It feels so great to know where your coffee is from. This Brazilian coffee is from a cooperative called Ascarive in the state of Minas Gerais. It’s a highly portable, pre-filled, ready-to-go bag of coffee or tea with a filter built in. All you have to do is add hot water to the line marked on the bag, zip up the top, let it brew, and serve. It makes two cups, which is just the right amount the booste you with a caffeine buzz or to share with a pal. Both the tea and coffee were delicious, high quality, and there were no grounds in my cup at all. This is an all-around great camping option.

Rockit Fuel – Oatmeal Cup

I received the Peanut Butter Brownie flavored oatmeal cup. The peanut butter and chocolate flavors were well-balanced and neither overwhelmed the other. I love the bits of crunchy peanuts and whole chocolate chips as well. This contained only good-for-you ingredients like the company's NutriBlend of oat flour, amaranth, chia, flax, buckwheat, maca, hemp, gotu kola, and quinoa. The four grams of fiber and ten grams of protein will give you all-day energy. Rockit Fuel recommends adding water to make the oatmeal. I was wary that this would leave me with bland and un-delicious oatmeal. Using water turned out great, because the product then creates its own “oat milk”. I suggest using hot water for fluffy, hearty oatmeal. Delicious!

NuGo – Orange Cranberry Fiber D’Lish Bar

After eating this 130 calorie bar stuffed with twelve grams of fiber, I was definitely full. The six grains and seeds in the bar make it possible to have so much fiber in one little package. The flavor is overwhelmingly heavy on orange, and lacks balance with the cranberry flavor, but the texture is baked to a soft and chewy perfection. This bar would be ideal for a mid-morning snack, whether you’re in the office or hitting the trails.


I love chickpeas in everything, but this snack opened the door to a new flavorful chickpea world for me. Chic-a-Peas is an all-natural baked crunchy chickpea snack made with simple ingredients: chickpeas, oil, and salt. They’re delightfully crunchy and wholesome and they’re loaded with fiber and protein. It may be because I was snacking on these things like there’s no tomorrow, but I kept getting them stuck in my throat (they're dry). I suggest keeping a drink around when you're enjoying these perfectly simple treats. You don’t wanna miss out on this awesomeness.

Dark Dog Organic Energy Drink – Blood Orange Flavor

I normally don’t consume energy drinks, but this one is different. It’s lightly carbonated, has a deliciously spot-on blood orange flavor, and contains no artificial anything. It’s not overly sweet, and lacks the chemical taste that most energy drinks have. Still, it contains a lot of sugar. I tried it on an empty stomach after a terribly rough night’s sleep. The can is even cool, with a very unique texture, enhancing the overall experience. Is that weird?  I usually never feel the effects of energy drinks on the rare occasion I have one, but this beverage's 114 milligrams of caffeine and mixture of vitamins had me bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in no time.

Nii Foods – Cherry Coconut Nii Bar

Disclaimer: I ate this when I was incredibly hungry, so the flavor absolutely overwhelmed me with joy. This bar has a raw fruit and nut bar texture to it that is soft, melts-in-your-mouth, and is incredibly enticing. The coconut flavor is subtle, while the cherry flavor is robust. I quite liked it that way. It was so good that I tore off little pieces to share with my friends along on the trip. This is a camping must-have!

Sam’s Natural – Camp’n Stick Deet-Free Bug Balm

This smells like a traditional "OFF"-brand citronella candle. Bugs still hung out around me after I put it on, but I still haven’t found any bug bites on my body, which is nice. I like how it moisturized my skin after I put it on, too. This bug balm made with natural and essential oils, so it has a softer texture and seems great for your skin.

Crunchmaster – Multi-Grain Crackers

Crunchmaster is a very fitting brand name for these, because these are indeed crunchy. I love the texture, crispiness, and healthy deliciousness of them. As a bonus, they are naturally very flavorful and gluten free.

Skout Organic – Chocolate Coconut Trail Bar

I honestly don’t remember how this one tasted enough to articulate it, because I ate it so quickly. That can only mean one thing: delicious.

Lightload Towels

These tiny towels come in packages that are very portable and pocket sized. The packaging is waterproof, the towels are washable and re-useable, and really absorbent. Once you open them up and add water to soften them, they are the size of a hand towel. Lightload have so many uses! Think: ire starter, hand towel, mask, diaper, first aid tool-- the possibilities are endless!

Dr. Squatch – Gold Moss Scrub

I love the natural smell of this mossy soap. It makes me want to hop into the closest river and wash myself there instead of in a shower. This scrub contains perfect hints of cocoa and shea butter. I personally have combination oily-dry skin and this soap left it soft, smooth, and touchable. It’s only made with natural oils like olive, coconut, hemp, and non-GMO soy, with natural fragrance and sea salt. Dr. Squatch is perfect for woodsmen, and urbanites alike!


This whole box is definitely worth so much more than it costs. The package is incredibly convenient compared to shopping for every little camping necessity separately. It's perfectly appointed and makes your trip preparation easier, faster, and more delicious than it would have otherwise been.

So load up your backpack and hit the trails already! Vegan Cuts is not just an awesome idea. It's perfectly implemented. You're going to dig every product in your Vegan Cuts Camping Box. 

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